Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning and All is Well!

Here it is Monday morning again. It is supposed to be beautiful
and by that I mean right around zero degrees.
That will be beautiful, however it will make for pretty slick roads
when it freezes later in the evening.
We went out yesterday. I got together with seven of my friends
for our get together before Christmas. We used to buy each other
gifts but the last few years we have been doing a baking exchange.
So it was fun, hubby is taking a bunch of it to work tomorrow.
Thank goodness, it is the last thing I need in here.
So today is going to be a day of walking the dog ,
wrapping some gifts with my husband.
a few things around the house,
and then watching the movie
Seven pounds.
So all in all a quiet day,
and that is good
sometimes you sure need them.
Have a great day.
I have just been playing around with textures
if you feel like copying one go ahead.
Until next time.


  1. i like those baking exchanges, too....but oh, what does one do with 100 cookies....thank goodness for hubbies and work :)

  2. nice. a quiet day is not a bad thing at all...and neither is the spoils from a baking exchange...smiles. nice pics too...

  3. I have done a Cookie Exchange! Great Blog Template for the holidays! So cheerful!

  4. HI Cinner, thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment! Love your textured backgrounds in this post - great depth and you have a wonderful sense of colour.

    I'm tickled to death you chose to use my Vintage Robins background set - and thank you so much for the link in your sidebar. This is so kind of you!

    Big hugs from the UK :-)

  5. hello! so glad to see all is well. enjoy your cozy day. :)

  6. Sounds divine! We are well below zero today, but it is due to warm up and then you know what that will bring with it... yup more snow!!

  7. Your Christmas look is so cheerful. Glad you are having a nice day.

  8. TechnoBabe, thanks, oh it is so beautiful here today, I would be so happy if it stayed like this,,more snow tonight, ha, that is what winter is. Hope you are having a great day. I am picturing you both together watching the birds, sipping coffee and reading the paper. true bliss.

  9. Vicky oh yes the snow is on its way tonight...but so nice even just for the day. hope you are all well and having a great day. take care.

  10. libby, how nice to see you here. I hope you are in good health and having a great holiday season so far. will stop by and have a look see. hugs.

  11. Susie, thanks for visiting, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it, and I have sure been getting some lovely comments on here....makes me want to keep it up all year round....but I know when spring comes I will be looking again. have a wonderful Holiday. thanking you so much again. hugs.

  12. Debra, thanks...I can only see the first one, so I hope everyone got all three, hard to tell...I am addicted to right was just playing around...hope you have a great week. hugs.

  13. Terry Lynne, they are great fun although what am I going to do with all these cookies....oh I am sure I will find someone.....they seem to be disappearing already. lol. take care.

  14. Brian, hi, we are enjoying the lovely day, hope you are having a great one too. smiles.

    Beth do your cookies talk to you, I swear they call my name....come to me, eeeeeattt me. (or something like that) ha hope your having a great day. hugs.

  15. Cindy, but I love the textures, that's a great job! ANd how nice you could get out with your friends! Lol at your comment about the cookies and them to be out ... your husband must have been happy :-) it's getting cooler here and I'm dreaming about white Christmas! please can you send some snow our way? :-) big hugs!

  16. The artwork is very pretty and I really love the textures you have created.

  17. Your blog looks beautiful, love your artwork and love cookie exchanges, it is so pleasant to visit you. Bundle up sweetie, more snow on the way......:-)Hugs

  18. Hey! It is really cold at your house!! we are experiencing really cold weather here in the south....very unusual for got down in the teens last night and did not get above 35 yesterday during the day. I know that does not sound low to you but its freezing for us! I hope you are having a festive holiday season and are well and happy!
    Merry Christmas!


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