Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And then they danced

Hello to All,
I am just touching base with everyone.
The wedding was wonderful.
I had such a wonderful time, and was so happy to see all my relatives children.
Of course my relatives too, men in kilts, the bagpipes,
the bride she was simply stunning.
the groom was so handsome.
I manaaged to make it to the church and to the reception.
That was major for me,
check out some of these little loves.

this little one won my heart over and his baby sister above was only
ten days old.
this little fellow nick named Kiki
was a going concern,
giving his approval to the celebrating that was going on.
The music was a great selection and was appreciated by every age.

The groom was a true gentleman and made a little lady very happy.
And the bride and groom,

two of my favorite people.
I was so glad to share in their lovely day.
I had the best time, and was thrilled to leave minus 38 and arrive in plus 12 weather.
The 3 days flew by.
now I am visiting my sister and Mom.
I just wanted to say hi and I will be by to visit when I get a moment.
Big hugs to all.



  1. Lovely to see the fun you are having with people you love.

  2. What a fun and beautiful wedding! And the wee ones are oh, so special. Stay warm and have a great week! ~ Angela

  3. looks like a lovely wedding and def lots of little ones to add to the fun...glad you are having a good time...

  4. what a wonderful celebration.....
    and oh that baby !!!
    but oh brrrrrr........

  5. Oh that baby in your arms is so precious and of course so are you!!! Great photos of a very special day. Glad you enjoyed yourself!! The bride is so lovely! And her dress...wow!!
    Enjoy your visit!
    Hugging you

  6. Fab pictures Cinner - Looks like a great time was had by all...

    I am back in Blogland and no longer eternally distracted :) Great to see you again!!

  7. Kids are so delightful! Glad you had so much fun (and in warmer weather too!)

  8. Oh...that was wonderful..Cinner, you really have a way of cheering others.The little ones, bride groom and YOU were absolutely wonderful.

  9. they are a beautiful couple!! what a wonderful event for you to enjoy! I'm glad you're having a great time and I look forward to hearing more.

  10. Such a beautiful bride and cute little ones. It seems that you had a great time Cinner, you look happy! Love Di ♥

  11. children just have such fun everywhere they go that tiny baby ooh how sweet you look beautiful glad you made it too

  12. I am so glad you had a wonderful time! Enjoy yourself!

  13. Cindy! so happy to see you back here and even happier that you had such a wonderful time :-)) look at those wonderful little ones :-)) happy weekend!! love

  14. That looks like such a happy day :) So glad you were there to enjoy it. Missed you here, but glad for you that you were there...

  15. Also...gave you an award at TFSC :)

  16. I haven't had much time to read your blog lately but I just had to see what pics you took at my wedding. Thanks for coming and I hope we get to see you around Easter!


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