Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Way Of Life.........

One thing about driving back to the farm
is the wonderful old buildings you see along the way.
I have lived in various cities for almost 28 years,
but still consider myself a farm girl at heart.
I think because it represents a simpler time,
although it represents a hard life as well.
but it represents family and good times.
I see the beauty in the old buildings
representing a history of unknown characters
but yet know that there are similar attributes of all of them.
It also reminds me of my Dads stories,
how everyone would get together and help one another
build the houses and barns, etc.
This barn is similar to the one I remember on the farm.
Of course the old granaries,
that are now usually made out of steel.
Many hours I shoveled grain in such buildings,
along side my older sister. funny but how I hated that job.
                                                              But I did love driving the tractor
love this photo and would love to get my hands
on some of these old barn boards.
The typical red barn.
leaning from years of wear,
I wonder how many new calves were born in this barn,
or did it provide shelter for horses.
Everyone of the buildings would have stories to tell.
For now all hidden behind closed doors.
This building may have been a playhouse for some children,
or maybe a woodshed. It sits alone amongst the trees,
that too have grown weary with age,
all the photos remind me of my father
and his chosen way of life and his fathers
and his fathers father.
Those ancestors all gone,
but remembered ever so fondly by the remaining members of their families.
I was very lucky to grow up on a farm, some day my plan is to be on an acreage.
Where ever I end up, I will always remember where I came from.
Do you love old buildings?
What reminds you of your past?
I would love to hear!
Take care and may you have the Very Best of Days.


  1. When I was a kid, our playhouse was an old chicken coop. Not too many of those around anymore!

  2. those are really cool barns and buildings...i do love old buildings...particularly barns as i spent many a day playing in them...

  3. my dad built me a playhouse that i spent hours in dreaming and wishing. sometimes i wonder if it still stands there.

  4. My boys had a 'homemade' playhouse/Fort.. :-) when they were young and we lived out on the family farm. We some awesome old barns out there too! Great, simple memories from then!!

    Great pictures & loved the poem too!

  5. I love old buildings. I didn't have a play fort growing up...but had the forest preserve behind my house where I would dream up all sorts of buildings and things. These are gorgeous pictures and I am sure they have many stories to tell...

  6. Cindy, what a wonderful post and pictures. I feel a country girl at heart so I understand how you do feel about the barns :-) It's exactly what you said about it - it seem to represent a simpler life even though a hard one. But the fact that people would help each other much more than what do we do nowadays ... I prefer the way of the past days ... lot's of love and big birdie hugs ;-)

  7. When I was very young we moved around so much we did not stay at one place long enough to have a special place. I too like old buildings especially
    barns and schools.

  8. I love all your pictures of barns. When we bought our property there was an old barn on it. We wanted to keep it but we were not allowed to! My dad told me many tales of barns too! I treasure every one of them!

  9. I too love the old buildings! The structures are wonderful!! I have a friend who was given an old she and many friends dismantled it and are going to use the wood for furniture. Isn't that the coolest!!??

  10. I love old buildings - though I am a true city girl at heart. Mostly, I adore and feel most comfortable with small houses and cottages. Those big Victorians may be beautiful to look at, but I would feel lost living in one.

  11. As always awesome pictures! I love the old buildings such nostalgia! Thanks for sharing.


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