Friday, February 18, 2011

Tulips, Light, And My thoughts, and Bernie!

hello to all,
I had a 48 hour rest and feel better.
The surgeries I just play a waiting game,
hopefully they will happen soon,
so I get my rest and all will be well.
These tulips gave me so much joy today,
I felt happy and alive,
I felt the promise of Spring
to come soon on this minus 40 below day.
The sun shone for a while, so I started to play with my new Digital
Canon from Hubby for Valentines. Call me a Happy Girl!
My dog Kula being housebound because of the weather
has taken it upon himself to watch my every move
in the hopes that there must be a treat for him soon.
Ha Good Luck with that one until much later.
I relaxed early evening with tea lights lit in the living room.
I could watch the twinkle and glow for hours,
simply hypnotizing and dreamy.
I lay on the couch, soft music was playing,
Hubby was reading Sports Illustrated.
I was thankful, I felt loved, I felt hardships and pain
that a few of my friends have been going through,
I lay there and prayed that they find peace,
and understanding during the grieving process.
I want to wrap my arms around my one friend Bernie,
whom has lost 4 people recently.
I wish her strength when she speaks today of the loss of a dear friend.
I know she will do well because she speaks from the heart.
I feel saddened by her pain and grief that she will go through,
she is so strong, and she made a comment saying that if I
needed anything to just call her. There is no end to her kindness.
can  you imagine of always thinking of others first.
She has a special gift and is a very kind and wise woman.
Odd that I have never met her, I have talked to her on the phone
and feel like I have know her for a long time.
I hope your weekend is bright and cheery.
and that we can all enjoy and somehow
with the light remember all the goodness
that comes our way.
Have faith.


  1. Your tulips brightened my world as well. I will add a prayer for your dear friend, Bernie, to my list as well. What a special friend you have in her. Keep resting sweetie. You need it!!
    Hugs and light to you

  2. smiles. prayers for bernie. and i hope tha you are able to enjoy the weekend yourself and that it be beautiful.

  3. Bernie is one of my very favorite people Cinner. I can only imagine how difficult the last few months have been for her. It was sweet of you to post about her today. Love Di ♥

  4. You sound at peace and like you have gotten rest which you needed. Yes, the tulips are so pretty.
    Your friend Bernie is lucky to have a good friend like you.

  5. Oh cinner, you have brought a tear to my eye, it has been a rough few weeks but I carry so much faith and hope in my heart, that is because of friends like you. I am so blessed and even with the sad losses I wouldn't of wanted a life without these beautiful people in it. I am fine sweetie, and thank you for remembering me today. All went well as it could, a beautiful service for a beautiful lady.....:-) Hugs

  6. Cinner you touch the lives of so many with your words. The way they flow...the heart behind them. As I read through your post I had a quick flash back to a scene of my old neighborhood. It was quick, but I saw it and your words gave me peace to take me there. Bernie, will undoubtedly experience pain during this time, but with God's Grace she will get through it all. Great friends, a love heart connection...doesn't need to meet face to face. Funny how that is... Divine Interactions and Connections on Purpose.
    I have never met you and yet am moved by your words and visits to my blog as if we have known each other for years. Time can elapse between visits and it's like it hasn't. See...all things have an origin and Divine Design we are here and brought together.

  7. i'm glad you're feeling better.....and i love the HAPPY new background here on your might be most favorite you've ever had.

  8. Oh Cinner, I'm so sorry to hear that you are unwell but happy to hear that you have so much love and joy surrounding you. Prayer for your friend Bernie, and your tulips are lovely!

  9. Hearty Congrats! Rain Drops " has chosen your blog for " Life is Good" award.

  10. easy life isn't, yet you seems to know what to do, what you need... must be the tulips *wink*... they are so so beautiful.


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