Monday, February 21, 2011

some random thoughts!

The Old Kula after his walk tonight,
He made us laugh he was so tired,
He got on the futon and made this huge heavy sigh,
and his eyes closed and he was done for the day!
The weather was lovely today so that was a treat on this Holiday Monday.
Lots of families were out with their children on tobogans on the hills.
I forgot to take pictures, it was nice to hear the laughter though.
Also the longest hockey game ended today
and raised over 850,000 for Cancer Research.
Can you imagine playing hockey for 240 hours,
some of which was during minus 40 below weather.
It is amazing what some people can accomplish.
We accomplished some minor plumbing problems,
I am sure it is a story for HGTV
called How Many Trips Can be Made to Home Depot
in one weekend. the problem is solved so
I am choosing just to be Thankful
without any snyde comments
from the cookie gallery, meaning me.
My house is 99 years old, and with this age
comes many repair jobs.
We went to a visit to my MIL's today,
Had a nice time.
It was a long busy weekend, and I am looking 
forward to the week ahead.
Have a wonderful day,


  1. smiles. that is a long hockey game, wow. its been really nice here but just stepped out to look for the sun and it is bitter cold....shivers. hope you have a great day!

  2. i hope you have a wonderful visit. :)

  3. Gads, I cannot imagine being in minus 40 weather much less being able to move at all or play hockey. No way.

  4. Oh how I hate having to run back and forth to Lowes for a project, clear across town! Now I always ask, are you sure we have everything, but sometimes stuff just comes up and there goes another trip! Glad your problem got fixed Cinner. And that hockey game, unbelievable!
    Love Di ♥

  5. Hearty Congrats! Rain Drops " has chosen your blog for " Life is Good" award.

  6. Cindy, that sounds just like fun - the long hokey game. I can imagine how Kula would just lay down with a sigh and fall asleep. Dogs are so expressive even without talking and so very funny :-) have a wonderful day and I hope you are feeling better by now dear one. Sending love.


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