Friday, February 25, 2011

It is Almost Like Art!

So what happens when the hot water tap
burst off the taps
on a very cold day in Canada.
There was water everywhere,
and there was so much steam from the hot water
I did not have access to the shut off valve
which was in the crawl space.
Note to self...need to be able to lift trap door!
Hubby saved the day as he rushed home from work,
in the meantime and there is no other way to put this.
I about froze my glass off.

I can be grateful it warmed up today.
All the ice crystals have melted,
I found new taps online
I wonder how fast the tap flew by my head.
No one was hurt during this fiasco.
Have a great weekend,


  1. Hi Cinner! I stopped by to let you know that you won the Charlie Brown mitts at Picturing the Year:) Please email me your address and they will soon be on their way:)

    I read about your plumbing issues on both of your blogs and I have to say that I was just uplifted by the way you could find some good in the whole episode and by your sense of humour... These icy photos are fantastic too! More goodness out of the whole mess:) I think you are doing wonders with that new camera of yours!

  2. i about froze my glass sorry for the trial, it did make for some beautiful pictures though...

  3. Beautiful photos...but so glad you weren't hurt. That is awful you couldn't turn the water off...yikes! What a mess!!
    Hope it starts warming up weather wise for you soon!!

  4. Awesomely cool photos!
    Love Di ♥

  5. OMG cinner, it was -33 with the wind-chill yesterday in my back this when your tap froze. I a so glad all worked out okay. I do love the photo's.....:-)Hugs

  6. The pictures are beautiful! Sorry you had to go through what you did to get them!

  7. Hello Cinner! i have missed you! so sorry to hear of your very eventful day and how lucky where you with the tap whizzing past you? Glad it is all fixed now! Nature has so much power! (hugs)

  8. Hi Claire, I am so glad you left a note, I have been trying to comment on your blog the last few times you posted. all I get is a blank blog with your header picture. I went over and tried tonight and voila it is working. I was going to see if I could get a message to you. looks like it is working now...maybe it is wee doggies magic. hugs to you my friend.

  9. Oliag thank you so much. I left a message on your blog, I was so excited to see that I had won. Thank you for noticing that my picture have been better since I have my new camera, I have been having fun. thank you so much again. take care.

  10. Bernie, I think it was a little colder here, something to do with the old cartridges and a build up of pressure and then the hot tap just blows. I think we have it now. it has happened twice now...I am threatening to call a real plumber, but he man of the jungle thinks he can do So far I am being patient. lol.
    stay warm Bernie. take care love ya.

  11. Now that is COLD. So so glad you were not hurt though. Did you come up with a plan so you can lift the door to the crawl space?

  12. Hi Cinner :)
    just wanted to let you know that you won the pendant from my giveaway :) can you mail me your address ...

    also ... i'm making a black cord for you for the pendant, how long would you like the cord to be?

    luthien :)

  13. thanks for your sweet comment via tammie's blog! and what beautiful images of frosty ferns you've captured!! always look for the blessing in the trial, right?!
    warm hugs from Montana!

  14. i hope your frozen glass is better :)
    and thanks for sharing the photos !!

  15. art made from adversity and water ..indeed so beautiful!!

  16. TechnoBabe, not yet the cupbords are at an angle but the door is sorta under the cupboard, almost like a desk area...It is going to be a project. hope you are well and not too much snow.

  17. Luthien, thank you so much I am so excited. I just loved it. I will email you. hugs and thanks.

    Abigail, thanks for popping by, always glad to see someone new. indeed We can count our blessings. take care.

  18. Beth it is still a frozen glass, just a different day. lol.hugs.

    Elk, hi, I love them water and cold, amazing really how they look so different. take care hope you are well. hugs.


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