Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I think Fairies Dwell in My Two Pictures, Fairies and Fireflies!

colors make up the passion in ones soul,
for life, excitement, adventures
and ones imagination.

Colors can soothe you, compliment you,
irritate you, distress you,
cheer you and enfold you.
colors can make us explore
areas of the mind that
without color would lay dormant.
colors are like books,
each having their own story.
like words on a page.
Favorite colors change from day to day
effected by different stages of our lives.
What is your favorite color and why
I would love to hear.
The two pictures above were photos of flowers that I had taken,
then I played with textures and the end results.
If you wish to copy either image,
go ahead.
hope this finds you well,
have a wonderful day.


  1. Beautiful Cinner and you are so right! Colors evoke much emotion within!! My favorites colors are pinks and cerulean blue. I love the soft caress pinks can give one. And the blue is cool yet comforting and very much alive!!

  2. my children will tell you that my favourite colour is purple. but truth be told, my favourite colour changes with my mood. i love lots of bright colours, but i like to dress in neutral colours with bright accessories.

  3. i used to love black. i still do. but mostly i love the softness of grey and taupe like in the color of beach sand and i love lots of white and a little blue and green in tones that remind me of the ocean.....

  4. I love pink! I also enjoy many other colors as well and I agree with what you say. Colors do cause different moods and emotions....:-)Hugs

  5. these are gorgeous pictures...teh colors compliment them very well...think there is a little joy in that pixie dust...

  6. You did a great job with the two pictures. You have a talent for that.

  7. Absolutely lovely! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Those round things that you asked about are flower frogs. Blessings... Polly

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment today. I love bright vibrant colors. My favorite color is orange. It makes me feel happy. I love your first picture. The pinks and purples are beautiful. I can’t wait to see butterflies flying around in the yard!

  9. The images are gorgeous! You have quite a gift.

    Thank you for stopping by earlier. You are such a sweetheart.

  10. It is amazing what you can do with the photos Cinner. I wouldn't know where to begin! The colors were gorgeous! Love Di ♥

  11. Diana, thank you, are you feeling any better hon. hope so, take it easy until you do. hugs to you.

  12. Mina, thank you just fooling around on picnik.com thanks for visiting. have a great week. hugs.

  13. Heather me too, last year I had a butterfly land on my hand, of course I could not take a picture so I just enjoyed the moment, thanks for coming to visit. hugs.

  14. Polly hi, as soon as I read this it was like okay I know that, thanks so much for letting me know.
    take care, see you again soon. be well.

  15. Technobabe, thanks, I was just fooling around on picnik.com. Thought a lot about your post today, it hit home for me. hugs.

  16. Brian thanks, I feel like I am trying to get a jump on Spring...so even though we have more snow than I can remember, in my heart the flowers, birds, and green grass is here....lol... if only.

  17. Bernie, you are the pink queen. how are you making out with all this snow. the neighbor lady borrowed eggs this am, nobody is going out unless they have to. take care Bernie, stay warm.

  18. Beth, as much as you like the beach makes sense you would like the colors in your clothes. I love your style, your scarves, mitts, and that lovely sweater the other day. oh my. I think I need to go shopping. thanks for the email the other day. hugs.

  19. Kamana, that probably tends to be me, I like big chunky accessories, I seem to go through phases, purple for a year, then red, the orange was a disaster I ended up looking like a pumpkin. lol. that is the truth...I look at some photos and I think to myself...what was I thinking...have fun with your children. I think they are beautiful every time I visit. hugs to you.

  20. SueAnn, your comment reminded me that you are an artist, I can tell you feel your colors which I love . can't wait to see what colors you are working with next. have a great day and I hope your up to something fun. hugs.

  21. these are so beautiful! i just love the vibrant colors.

    did you happen to get my email? i thank you ever so much, for your kindness, that you sent my way. it warmed my heart. xoxo


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