Thursday, March 3, 2011

Off the Top of My Head....a little bit of Random.

Good Morning Everybody!
Here is another picture that makes me cheery.
Flowers, butterflies and crystal.
Three of my favorite things.
I love the colors the sun makes as it hits some of my crystal
causing prisms to dance upon my walls.
You see pinks, purples, blue, green
dancing on my walls,
my cat jumping trying to catch the colors,
occasionally there will be claw marks down my walls,
and I know she has been at it again.
If I had my way I would have thousands of crystals hanging in my windows,
of course there would be hundreds of wind chimes outside too.
I do have a few of each and they make my day when I listen to the sounds,
all different and all beautiful.
Speaking of sounds what talented girls and guys they have on
American Idol, such talent. I think a lot of them will have great careers ahead of them.
Life just has that funny way of working out.
Keep dreaming, keep loving, keep believing.
I hope you have the very best of Days!
be well.


  1. I love prisms as well!! The way the make the colors spin and wave!!! Awesome!! Love love love your pic!!! The colors remind me of our sunrises and sunsets here in NM!!
    Be well sweetie!! I agree about the American Idol kids...amazing talent!!
    Hugging you

  2. prisms are so cool...and i love the bright colors that come with spring...i hope you have a beautiful day today...

  3. Brian, thank you, hope you are having a great weekend.

  4. SueAnn, I figured you would like prisms, and your sunrises and sunsets are amazing. hope you are having a good weekend. think of you often. hugs my friend.

  5. Okay - here's my American Idol confession. I only watch the casting episodes to see the terrible singers and the ones that make it (because that's so thrilling) and then I watch the last show where the idol is crowned. They play reruns on TV Guide network - that's the only way I ever see the rest of the show. I watch HGTV and Nick Jr so much that I rarely turn the channel!

  6. Erin, I love HGTV too, who is Nick Jr. I don't think I know anything about him, I loved Colin and Justin when they were on, now there on at four am I think. a little too early for me. Thanks for popping by. I hope you are having a great weekend,. be well my friend. hugs.


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