Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What an Outlook.

Oh what a wonderful day here,
The sun is gleaming into my office,
I can hear the pigeons cooing on the neighbors roof.
Yesterday I had a doctors appointment,
so things are now in motion to have my hernia fixed,
as well as a few other stomach troubles.
so it is just a waiting game.
I sat in the lobby waiting for my husband after parking the truck.
I love to people watch.
Most of the people were so bundled up they could hardly move,
The middle age woman next to me was on the phone
saying, well lock yourself  in your room,
I will be right there she said.
as she hung up the phone she sighed a heavy sigh.
I felt my heart go out to this woman, not knowing all she was dealing with.
A little girl came up to me and stood looking at me,
she was about two, the cutest little thing,
great big brown eyes,
I put my hands over my eyes
and went peek,
and she laughed, now the game was on.
her mother seemed relieved to have her entertained for a few moments.
when hubby came she followed us to the elevator.
After the appointment we had the pleasure of meeting a fellow in a wheelchair.
The elevator was jammed full, this gentleman had such a happy disposition.
One lady said, I know you from somewhere.
No they could not figure out the connection,
He says well maybe I  was taller before.
Everyone laughed. I swear I could have followed him around all day.
Turns out he and the other gentleman work for The Canadian Paraplegic Association..
I am sure he helps many people with his wonderful attitude.
I really believe that we come in contact with people that we learn lessons
from every day. I would have loved to have learned his story.
I bet it is an amazing one.
We all have choices on how we live our lives.
Today I am grateful to have a fighting spirit,
grateful for the sun, grateful to recognize signs all around me,
grateful that I live my simple life, grateful that I don't have to rush my moments,
I am grateful for the day.
Smile, you never know whom is watching,
and how you may change their day,
even for just a moment.
be well.


  1. What a pleasant day Cinner. Sometimes getting out and about does the trick. It is a pleasure to read a post that isn't about all of the bad weather! Love Di ♥

  2. Ahhh, its refreshing to read your positive outlook and feel the energy and good vibe coming through! Thanks for sharing and leaving me with a warm feeling!!

  3. We all need to be more observant of those around us and the fun and insights they can bring!

  4. The man in the wheelchair is a delight. I like people of all ages and all circumstances who use humor to talk to others.

  5. you are so right about smiles, they can completely change lives. i always love your happy attitude

  6. what a great day you had....and i see you love people strangers as much as i do....
    i think i would love that wheelchair bound man, too.....

  7. smiles...sounds like a great day and in great it.

  8. That is so true!! We can change peoples lives by a simple smile and a nod!! I love to people watch too! Such fun!
    Have a beautiful one dearest!!

  9. oh my this blog had a makeover!!!
    looks fabulous!

    some ladies and i are going to play an exchange of ATC's would you like to play and join us?
    let me know

  10. you are as usual- pleasant and energising...Your new look is wonderfulll


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