Monday, January 31, 2011

Odds & Ends.

Good Monday Morning to You!
I am glad it is a beginning of a new Week,
and Tuesday a new month!
My weekend was uneventful,
I was fatiqued beyond belief.
I went to sleep tonight at ten, awoke at eleven,
thinking I had been there for hours.
While I was laying in bed,
I was thinking of an unexpected phone call from a friend far away.
The best part of my day, and it was a real pick me up.
My nephew also called, he is teaching himself to play the keyboard.
He is going to call me every weekend with a new song.
When I was at my sisters earlier in the month I had asked
if he had been playing his keyboard at all,
no he has been too busy he said,
I told him I would just love to hear him play.
so he phoned and I was thrilled to listen,
and he has two songs he wants to learn by next weekend.
He took lessons for a while, but seems to do better playing by ear.
He was thrilled to get my feedback about it.
He wants to play 3 songs at his Moms wedding on April 2nd.
His younger brother plays the guitar and has begged me to please not put him in front of people,
He told me he would just freeze up and not be able to do it.
I told him he only had to do it if he wanted to,
what a sigh of relief, a few years ago he would have loved to be center of attention.
how times change, I have been lucky because my sister has always appreciated
any help I could give her with the raising of the boys.
I heard from my niece whom got engaged right after her brothers wedding 3 days later,
so I got to hear the romantic details, young love is so wonderful.
Hubby cooked a roast and the works for supper tonight,
and every time he would see me today he would laugh
and say honey you look so tired,
I would be rubbing my eyes saying oh no, I am just fine.
He would say oh for sure you are.
I have to be so careful with the Narcolepsy/Cataplexy.
I am looking forward to longer days with sunshine,
blooming flowers, the smell of fresh earth in the air,
the birds chirping, the neighborhood coming alive
as once again people venture into their yards,
the warmth of the sun on my bones,
the twinkling stars at night,
the barbecues in the evenings,
but for now I will enjoy my days
and be grateful for every one,
they all have 24 hours,
I am in control of how I choose to spend them,
there is no need to rush them by,
there is no need to miss out on any opportunity
that arises each new day.
I hope you have Your 
Very Best Day Ever,
until next time,


  1. I hope to have my very best day ever today!!!??? I sure plan on it!! Had a great weekend visiting in San Diego. Unfortunately it was overcast and kind of gloomy on Sunday. Sigh! So I missed the warmth and sunshine they so boast about! Ha!!

  2. nice. i enjoy the gentle wisdom of your close...and how cool for him to be doing something he enjoys and to share it with you...

  3. A lovely post Cinner - It seems that you are very peaceful and that's great. How lovely of your nephew to call with his song - I'm sure you will look forward to next weeks hit :)

    PS Everyone's handwriting looks lovely in these comments :)

  4. Love the blog makeover and that snow-action header!

  5. so lovely Cindy! it feels like your nephew wants you to feel proud of him :-)
    thinking of you praying that tomorrow goes well with only good news! sending love.

  6. I love how positive you are even when you are or have been exhausted. Living with a chronic illness must be really difficult. Your spirit shines through in your lovely words.

  7. Hope Spring brings you alot of energy!! I'm waiting for warmer, colorful days too! Maybe I will have a new nest then... hope so!
    Sorry for the lack of comments, dear Cinner, I think of you very often but my days are crazy busy! We have to vacate this house in three weeks... and I still have alot of stuff to pack!
    Big hugs, and thanks for always being there!
    Monica xoxo

  8. Such a lovely post...I hope that you had the best day ever...and maybe tomorrow is even better than that! Whoot! :)

  9. New template is beautiful. :) Flowers and chirpping birds are lovely. :)

    Nice to know that u have a loving hubby and caring family. :)

  10. Nice of your hubby to cook the roast and all the fixins. Unexpected phone calls are indeed a pick-me-up. Hope you get a little more rest.

  11. i love how happy and positive you are....i need a bit of that right now as my snow grumpiness is weighing heavily upon me.....


  12. Beth, I can certainly understand after being a month in Florida. It was like when I came back home from being in B.C. we have had a cold snap again....I am always excited when February is over, we can still have a couple of months but I know there will be warm days and sun. Hang on to your good start to your year. That husband is wonderful. was Florida a surprise for you. keep your spirits up and stay warm.

  13. TechnoBabe, I had the first good sleep all year last night.. This year that is...not to make it sound worse. we do most of the cooking like you and James. always together...he definately knows when I can not. how have you been. I have to come pay a visit.

  14. Chandrika, thanks I think I am addicted to finding blog backgrounds. There are so many beautiful ones out there. I accidentally removed the birds today.
    I do have a good hubby and I am very close to my sisters. Hope you are well. be by to see you soon. hugs.

  15. Caroline, today started off awesome..I had a doctors appointment and all went well, so there is a smile on this face. hugs to you.

  16. Monica, I am surprised you had the time to pop by. you have to be out in 3 must be an unsettled feeling. I think you have been doing amazingly well with all you do on your blog. You don't have to worry about commenting. I know your busy. I think of you every day. the lovely heart ornament hangs in my office and I pray for you to find the most perfect place. I will be here and wishing you all the best. thanks for taking the time my friend. lots of hugs and love.

  17. Connie, living with a chronic illness has it ups and downs for sure. but if I were negative I would just feel worse. Don't get me wrong I am just so happy to have good doctors, proper medicine so I do okay most days. when I have a pity party, I don't send out any invitations. lol...and when I get down all I need is sleep and when I wake up I am my old cheery self. hope you are well and looking forward to a lovely February. hugs to you.

  18. Birdie, thanks so much, your card was the first thing I looked at before my appointment with the surgeon. he was very nice, now I have to go for a Ct Scan, from there it will determine what they are able to do. he really knew what he was talking about, so all went good,. my husband and I were very we just play the waiting game.
    It was so kind of you to send me that card. you have a wonderful heart. hugs to my friend.

  19. Debra, thanks, I swear I am addicted to changing my backgrounds. I want to learn how to design them I already don't have enough to do.
    be well. hugs.

  20. SDandBS, so nice to see you...ha the handwriting is great. lol. my nephew yeah he wants to make me proud, I have always praised them and encouraged, so they love to hear it. what name are you going by, I keep wanting to write ED. Let me know. hugs.

  21. Brian, thanks, I love listening to him play, if he really applied himself he could really go far. I am just glad he likes it. he has the most amazing sleek piano hands. NOT me short and
    take care.

  22. SueAnn, TOO bad it was not nicer for you on the weekend. today the sun was shining. it was such a treat. Always warmer weather ahead, I the eternal optimist. lol. hugs.

  23. I love the new font on your blog. I makes me smile and just want to write you long comments so I can just look at it.

    I am glad you had an amazing day even though you were fatigued.

  24. Liss, you make me laugh about looking at the font, you are so cute. take care my friend. hugs.


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