Friday, March 18, 2011

Cinner as A Neighbor!

My name is Luca, I live in the yard next door to Cinner,
well there is also a house I can stay in too,
but on nice days in the yard is where you will find me.
This pic was taken early last winter,
now when I look over half of my body sticks up above the fence.
Cinner can't make it over the snowbanks to come pet me.
I just think she is not trying hard enough.
If she does not make it over soon, I am going to jump the fence.
She must know it because she keeps yelling at me.
Luca get down, then calls me a good girl.
When all this white stuff melts Cinner will be in the yard all the time.
She pets me all the time. I can sit on our picnic table and watch what she does.
If I am lonely I just have to look over the fence with these big sad eyes,
and well she knows I either need a scratch or she gets out the water hose
for me to have a cold drink. She is not a bad neighbor at all.
One day she was very angry at me. I tore some six foot boards off the fence
so I could go over and play with Cinner and her dog Kula.
This was hard work but once I got the bottom of the boards off
no problem, I thought I was out for sure. I should have remembered
all the black metal trellaces she has for her plants to grow on.
So I did not get very far and bang I was almost stuck looking through black squares.
She yelled at me Bad dog when I wrecked the boards,
and my Dad keeps putting up new boards.
I think he likes his trips to Home Depot,
and I get to go for a ride,
So it is a win win situation.
Anyway Cinner is up early today,
I can see her through her window, she needs to do something with her hair,
it is in every direction today, she kind of looks strange,
I am getting used to that, when she pets me over the fence,
she is always rubbing the guck out of my eyes,
so maybe she thinks I look a little strange.
I keep barking at her, I am saying Here Cinner, Here Cinner,
She has not learnt the trick yet,
so thats why I give her the look above,
apparently it works everytime
until all the snow got in the way.
I gotta go Cinner is on the move.
Must be walk time for her lucky dog.
I am going to pout or maybe I will chew down a tree today,
just for fun. I do go for a long walk every night when my parents
come home, Sometimes Cinner is out front and I go running full tilt to see her.
I can't jump on her or I knock her down. Sometimes I even have sleep overs
there. My Dad told them I never jump on the bed....He does not know what I do
when he is not home....In the middle of the night when I was at Cinners,
I waited until she and her husband fell asleep and then I jumped up on the bed.
Apparently when I jumped on the man well I landed in a not so good spot,
so he was yelling right away, Cinner was laughing, then Kula jumped on the bed.
It was a bit of chaos in the house for a bit but then we had to go back to our beds.
Anyway the tree is waiting, Have a good weekend, If you have a dog,
I hope you get a chance to take them out for a walk.
I bet they would like that.!
Have a great weekend!


  1. awww...what a good neighbor she is...smiles. you are adorable. and i am glad she is feeling better...

  2. Good fences make good neighbours, especially when you rip boards off them!

  3. Hi Cinner, love dogs.... hey i went to your art blog and no posts? I'm waiting!xo

  4. how sweet to be loved by that adorable face.....
    he's lucky to have you as a neighbor !

  5. I always throw Popsicles to the neighbors dogs in the summer. They loved that! My two little pups are very happy, they have found many new scents in the spring grass.
    Luca is beautiful, I can't show the photo to my husband as he loves Boxers. I can't have anymore pets. I have not much help!!!
    Love Di ♥

  6. what a cute perspective! he/she is a cutie!

  7. I loved this!!! I am laughing and understanding this poor dog.. very, very well!! I have had 'custody' of my oldest son's dog for over 3 years now while he is grad school.

    Not sure why a college senior would decide he needed to save a dog a month before graduation, but that's ok. I love 'his' dog now! :-)
    Anyway, she is a much 'bigger' dog than I was ever used to and she can eat about anything I think. lol She is a 'good girl' most of the time too & she sure would Love to have You as a Nice neighbor!! She Loves attention & Never gets enough... ever!!!

    Thank you for sharing the cutes post!! Really gave me a Big smile and warm just now!!
    Coreen xoxo

  8. Cute post!!

    Ah, the life of dogs... I sometimes look at mine and see so much soul in their little eyes. I wonder exactly what they must be thinking.

    I bet it's along the lines of "Treats today, Mrs?"

  9. this made me chuckle .. what a sweet gone snow!!

  10. what a delightful post~It had me smiling all over :)


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