Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Feel Good

What some people don't know about me is that
I am a color fanatic, the more color the better.
I fell in love with this rug.
I call my kitchen my happy room.
The happiest place in the house, and I am thinking I am going to go crazy
doing something really funky with my cupboards.
I just have not decided what yet.
The above pic has been edited but you can
tell the whole kitchen has gone very bright
and now I am tempted to go crazy to the rest of the house.
Maybe I am just trying to hurry up Spring.
All I know Is I Feel Good Today,
going to play with some art,
Maybe for My Giveaway.
Have a Great Day


  1. The sun is shining and it's definitely a playful kind of day! Have fun!

  2. Cindy! how wonderful, I love the rug! It's so happy I completely understand why you love it so much! I love colors too. It hasn't always been this way, in my early 20th I would wear mostly black or brown. You will find nothing black in my wardrobe anymore. I believe that colors are so important. They totally reflect where our mind are ... happy spring and happy Easter to you dear one! sending lots of love.

  3. I love color, you should have a fun day playing with them. The sun is shinning but oh how I wish it would warm up some. Have a great day....:-) Big Hugs

  4. go crazy, you only live once...smiles. i like color too!

  5. Oh, love that rug!
    I too love color, bright and vivid colors!
    I just recently painted one of my bathrooms a lovely shade of yellow and I love it!
    Like having the sunshine there all the time!

    I wish you joy, Cinner ....

    Margie :)

  6. play play play!!! And share what you create! xo

  7. Your rug is very pretty Cinner. I loved that picture too. I wouldn't call my kitchen my happy room as I hate to cook but it is very colorful and full of knicknacks! Have a creative day!!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Oh yeah, I can understand your being "in like" with your rug. I am too. It is wonderful colors.

  9. oh so beautiful. I look forward to more color in my world... spring seems to be the land of gray here.

  10. Lovely Cinner! I say its your house and Oprah always says your home should rise up to meet you! I am just certain that yours does that.

  11. the way you decorate your kitchen shows you have creative personality. I love looking at house that belong in magazines but I love to enter homes where people are not afraid to express who they are, it give a far more homely and warm feeling.

  12. i love that you have so much color to go with your wonderful personality! it fits you!

  13. Colours always brightens my heart and I love how you are wanting to hurry up Spring into your house.

  14. that thing on my blog is an ostrich :)

    and did you know that i'm a non-color person....simple everything for me and greys and whites and taupes and black with a bit of vintage blue are all i need.

  15. You know what makes you happy. Whats not to like about color? Keep on being colorful, happy and feeling good!


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