Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It Is all Good.

Hi Everyone, so I had plans to paint.
but it had to wait, I was detoured by the dropping in
of unexpected company.
Oh to laugh with friends, it can so clear your mind
and make all your troubles just vanish.
Today I was in the yard cleaning,
on the news tonight a chance of  flurries for Friday,
Me not caring because I know it won't stay for long
at this time of year.
Today I am happy, loved, peaceful.
Yes that is a good feeling.
Have a great week.


  1. smiles. you sound happy...have fun today.

  2. Yes, Spring is here at last! Any snow we get now won't stay long.

  3. Laughing with friends is healing and so much fun.
    You sound like you are in a good place emotionally and ready to face whatever comes your way.

  4. cinner ..you have the right attitude !! laughter is the way to go

  5. Friends are the best distraction for work! Hope you only get three or four flurries Cinner!
    Love Di ♥

  6. yes, life is good and an unexpected visit from friends is always happy making.

    oh, and I love your rug in the previous post.

  7. You will paint another time... Glad to hear you are feeling good!!
    Monica x

  8. enjoy the company - that is always a beautiful present!

  9. What a cheery post! I agree, laughing with friends is definitely one of life's pleasures :) Love the image you've used here - very pretty.

  10. oh friends are so good aren't they ?
    happy weekend cindy !!

  11. Love it when you are happy!! You are still in a semi-winter mode of weather and we move from a short spring into the heat of summer.
    Recent storms however have left us with a cool breeze which is very welcome.
    Laughter and good company are wonderful for the soul!! Take care.


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