Sunday, May 1, 2011

Going in Circles.

I think I am addicted to editing photos.
This was a picture of my hubby.
Amazing what technology can do.
So I got a phone call from my Mom on Friday,
she says that they had a huge storm, and when she got up she 
could not see out of any windows of the house.
Then she told me she had to chip her way out of the house
by using a dust pan to get the snow away from the door.
It was a wet, heavy snow and the way the wind was blowing,
she was snowed in. 
Apparently one of the churches have flooded in the town,
with all the snow melting and the creek running through town.
so now when this dump melts, of course more water.
My prayers are going out to all the people that have endured the storms
in the States. I know this we have to cherish every moment we have.
I seem to be going round and round in circles lately,
and the more I do the further behind I seem to get.
My mind is in overdrive with all the projects 
I have in my head to get done before I
have my Surgery the end of June.
Why do these jobs become so important now?
We have been in the house for eleven years
and suddenly I think I 
need to do everything now.
I just reread this and I realize 
the only reason I am complaining
is because I am tired from too much sun today in the yard.
So this party girl is off to bed at 8.17 pm, (lol)
Sunday my favorite day of the week,
passes once again too quickly.
A reminder to Canadians...
Get out and Vote  on Monday.
Take care,


  1. Ah, Springtime on the Canadian prairies! Glad we didn't get any snow here!

  2. sleep well tonight...crazy that storm...nice picture...i can see him in the upper right i think...smiles.

  3. Spring has sprung a leak here too; in the form of snow. A blizzard actually!! Sigh!!
    Hope today brings warmer weather and no snow!!
    Don't think you have to do everything before surgery. It will be there when you have been through recovery.

  4. hello, sun and wind really can make us tired, I am like that too. people around here are also concerned about the flooding that may occur. yes, prayers for all in challenging situations.
    There is something about getting things done before surgery, or even before leaving town... get it all done thoughts rise to the surface. Wishing you the best.

  5. I heard about the storm in SK, unbelievable!
    Hasn't the sunshine been wonderful, am off to vote in a few minutes. Have a great day.

  6. hope you're staying safe and sound to enjoy more of that beautiful sun!


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