Monday, May 2, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye and Heart of the Beholder.

This old barn building
has stories to tell, you can see from the expression still visible
at the front of the barn. Almost an eerie, 
"Oh no, don't go yet!"
I sat staring attentively at the face.
The wind was echoing through the wholes apparent in the walls and the collapsed
back portion of the barn. I could hear the horses that gave birth in the barn,
the fouls struggling to stand on their feet, nestled at the sides of their mother.
I could hear the cows as they stood patiently waiting to be milked,
the warm milk being forced with each hand into the pail that soon
would be put through the creamer, there would be the making of butter.
there would be the odd kicked pail and the swirl of the tail to remind 
you that patience was sure to run out.
There was the jumping back to get out of the way of the leg that was trying to kick you.
There were chickens in and out, cats hidden in the bales, sneaking nearer to get
a taste of the warm milk.
Feed was fed to the cattle and horses,
corrals were cleaned, fresh water ran,
Many games of hide and seek were played in the barn,
many words spoken, many plans made
many lives have walked through the doors,
the bones of the farm.
As I sat there I could smell the smells from long ago,
I picked up a piece of wood and felt is smooth in my hands.
the elements of many many years causing creaking, and groaning.
I could smell wild flowers, and what had just been a fresh rain.
The sun shining and gleaming and protecting,
and showing warmth to an old friend.
I smile and know that every time
I pass this old barn,
I will be reminded of the one we had on the farm.
The one that my father built with his father and grandfather.
It is not just an old crumbling building, it is history,
it is family, it made me whom I am,
so I will stay awhile and rest while I listen to the wind.
If we listen really closely, and look really hard,
we can find gold in all we touch.
I will always remember where and 
from whom I have come from.
with love.
I hope you have a great day.


  1. we find gold in all we true...what a cool old all the little textures too...down to the touch of that piece of wood...happy tuesday to you...

  2. Love the old barn! Old buildings to have tales to share...all we need to do is stop and listen. As you have done so well!
    Love and hugs

  3. you know how i love an old barn....they are always a friend to me.

  4. i miss old buildings like that around here. what memories you have!

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