Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthdays, Adoptions and Being Thankful.........

Waving a big hello to you.
Today was a fun day for me.
A good friend of mine turned 50.
It was a surprise party that her hubby had planned.
He did a super job.
About 35 of us were hiding in the living room.
Of course they were late getting back to the house,
and we were all quiet, it was very hot in the living room
but finally they showed up. She was so excited.
My friend has been such a hard worker all her life.
All her family and friends were around. One of the grandsons was there too.
The last time I had seen him he was six,  now he is 16.
He is the splitting image of his Dad.
When I got home tonight I remembered that he was adopted.
That must happen a lot, same haircut, same mannerisms,
same smile, same laugh.
I had another friend when I was about twenty and the same thing,
she looked just like her Mom, then I found out she was adopted.
I wonder if that happens often.
Anyway just something to think about.
that make you go hmmmm.
I was thankful today to see old friends,
I was thankful there was not a lot of questions about me using  my cane.
I was thankful that there are still gentleman in the world we live in.
One even fetched my sandals that fell down the basement.
Where was my hubby, he had to bring the puppy to the party,
oh yes he did, I told him I was having no part of it.
well the puppy was the hit of the party,
and hubbys sense of  humor got the party going.
So I am thankful that we can all laugh and share in joy.
They usually have their fire pit going in the back,
but there are fire bans because there
 are 34 fires burning in Northern Alberta
So I am thankful that the weather was great and we were able to sit outside.
I was thankful for love, thankful for my friends family that bought her a family ring.
There was no tears until that point.
Seeing others so happy is a wonderful thing, and makes me happy and thankful
for all we have, thankful that we know what is important in life.
I am also thankful for your visits to my blogs,
and very thankful for all the loving comments.
Watch for a Giveaway here later in the month
celebrating my 500 post,
sorry I am a little late at getting to this.
Hopefully it will be worth the wait..
I hope you have your very best day!


  1. Oh I love surprise parties...well...I love parties. Especially those celebrating family and friends and love!! The fellowship is always so special! Glad you had a good time.
    He brought the puppy?!!! Ha! How funny!!!!
    You be well now and have a wonderful day

  2. happy sunday...glad you had fun at the party and good on hubby for livening it up a bit...i too am glad there are still gentlemen...

  3. i am grateful today for people like you ... friends i have made across the world, and whose hands i hold to steady myself in moments of self doubt

  4. Sounds like such a fun time! And I would have been leery of bringing a puppy to a party too. But glad it all turned out well!

  5. i also believe that adopted kids often look like their of those really amazing things that life gives us !!!

  6. Cinner, sounds like it was a wonderful day!
    Enjoy that new puppy!
    They are such a joy!

  7. ohhh i love surprise parties!!!

  8. Something to think about, I always see a resemblance between dogs and their owners, makes you go hmmmm.

  9. Awwww I love Gratitude posts, and yours is especially lovely.


  10. What a fabulous day you had, dear friend! And thanks for reminding me how loved and lucky I am. Will add these words of yours as #1 entry to my gratitude journal tonight.
    Monica xo

  11. Sorry Cinner, cannot find your email address... my own is on my blog page under 'contact'.


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