Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It Started Out OK.

So Mothers Day started with the sun beaming in my kitchen window.
This is a new piece I bought after my sisters wedding.
So my day starts off beautifully every morning.
Even the cat knows the best place to be in the morning,
She was having an attitude because I ran out of temptations.
A friend came over
with a small beautiful pink miniature rose plant.
So my day was going perfect.
I love roses, I always feel bad for my Mom because she is so allergic.
My favorite color  are pink roses.
Anyway hubby calls as he worked during the day,
he says, Meet me at the front door.
As I was walking to the door I was thinking he probably
had roses, so imagine my surprise when down
by his feet was this little one.
I am still in shock. She is only six weeks old.
Hubby said, he thought she would be better than roses.
He even named her Rosey, just not fair I say.
He went for groceries and there was a van with puppies for sale.
We have always got our pets from the SPCA.
so I have been going back and forth from
I did not want another dog, to holding her in my arms,
to going outside in the middle of the night in my pjs with her,
and already losing my heart to her.
And I have lost hours of sleep too.
So how was your weekend?
Have your Best Day,


  1. awww...what a cute little pup!!! love that quilt as well...happy belated mothers day!

  2. what a cute surprise


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