Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A great weekend for soccer, training, resting, yard work..........

Hello to all, my weekend was a lovely one,
The weather was hot on Fri, Sat, and Sun it rained a little,
and Monday the day planned for yard work was
a bust. It rained on and off. we did manage to do a few things.
Sunday we had gone and helped my MIL in her yard.
Had a lovely visit. She is 84 and has finally admitted that it is
not quite as easy as doing things when she were a bit younger.
We managed to barbecue a couple of times this weekend,
I don't care what anybody says I love barbecued steak,
barbecued chicken, mmmmm maybe tomorrow again.
We barbecue at least 300 days of the year
even in minus 30 below weather
he will be out at the barbecue.
The lilacs are almost ready to bloom,
as well the carigana trees are starting to bloom too.
not sure on the spelling. 
The white lilacs are coming too. I will have better pictures next week.
Setting up some ground rules over the soccer game,
or soccer ball chase.
the big guy Kula loves his soccer ball,
but does not like you to get it away from him.
Rosey can run faster than Kula,
the following picture shows the consequences.
You get rolling around quite a lot and end up spending a lot 
of ground time, it is all playful. He would not hurt her.
Oh I  can see yard work calling my name.
The cat was barricading herself in the house,
as there was just too much chasing going on,
and she knew both dogs would soon forget the soccer ball
and change it up for ala kitten.
They all annoy me because they keep licking at the window.
Here is my favorite plant after it rained.
It looked so pretty with all the water droplets.
Looks to me like someone is getting a talking too.
Must have chewed on something again,
usually the other dogs tail.
So each night over the weekend and we all were exhausted
and fell into bed and slept as sound as this.
We were very grateful to be together,
got time to relax and rest and all in all
a very peaceful weekend.
My sister has come down today for a three day visit,
so I will be back to visit all the blogs in a few days.
Keep well everybody
Until next time have your very best days.
oh one more thing we went to see
Water for Elephants today.
The elephants name was Rosey.
It is a must see movie,
I really enjoyed it.
Be well,


  1. I saw the movie too and I loved it!!
    Your puppy is so adorable and looks like mischief for sure! Ha!
    Love love love lilacs!! The smell is heavenly!
    Hugging you

  2. You have some great pictures. It has been raining off and on here too. Yesterday was finally a day without rain but today the plants are getting watered again. Ha.

  3. We are both getting some sister-lovin right now! Yay! You two girls have fun :)

  4. Had a wonderful time with my sis, it always goes way to fast. Please call me sis, can't get a hold of you since I left. luv u

  5. awww that tuckered out puppy is just the sweetest thing ever....and you have a tattoo i see...who knew :)

  6. what a cute puppy...

    thinking of you and hoping you are well. one love.


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