Friday, October 14, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Walking

These boots I found on Pinterest, yes that is where I have been.
Now every now and then you find something that screams your name

unfortunately no it was not my husband in the throws of passion,
it was this pair of boots. If I were a pair of boots these would be them,
fun loving, artsy fartsy, joyful, flower child, living with attitude,
rockin out, getting down, diva baby.....getting my groove on
walking down the street. Would I strut, yes probably like a chicken,
but I would know in those boots I was all that and a bag of chips.
Do I worry about the rest of the outfit no because those are
some draw me some attention my way boots.
Slapped by a piece of reality,
me in orthotics walking the dog,
No the dog should not notice.
Can you guess how many cups of coffee I have had this morning,
there just may be a surprise.
Have a wonderful weekend,
I hope to get around to visit everyone.
Take Care,


  1. Those are AWESOME boots! And I enjoyed the Nancy Sinatra blast from the past!

  2. The boots look like your tastes for sure. You are groovin' today I see. How many cups of coffee? Three?
    Glad you are doing well.

  3. haha...maybe the boots would help the husband scream a little louder...smiles. they are cute...

  4. HEY GIRL - great boots for sure. I love boots, and have sported my share from Cowboy to stiletto in my day. And you have had three cups of coffee! :-)
    Love Gail

  5. How I've missed you dear friend!! Thank you for always gracing my blog with your beautiful presence!!

  6. The reality of orthotics and flat sensible shoes and real life and then the wonder and imagination and loveliness of dreams and beautiful boots and wonderful books and more--both are so necessary to life, aren't they? Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and even more peace and joy, xoO

  7. Ohh Cinner I admire your taste in boots! And me on steroids right now is probably a bit like you on a few cups of coffee :) I just love pinterest and will have to come find you to follow!

  8. Oh Cinner, I LOVE those boots! I have always loved that song and when we were little girls, my sister and I used to have a dance to it. Thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane. Hugs, my friend.

  9. Boot dreams are good dreams...
    Happy Fall and have a good weekend, Lovely Cinner!

  10. Kim, yes they are so cool, I have not even checked on price. one day when I get back to work. how was your time away in Canada? I am trying to get around to everyone this week. We have been so busy here lately with fall cleanup etc. and now that I have been on pinterest I have so many craft ideas that I don't know where to start. Enjoy ....your journals ooze life and happiness. I use your bookmark every day. hugs and love.

  11. mINA, Oh thats a nice story. I was going to post the new version with Jessica Simpson....I thought maybe just a bit too riskee. lol. I do like the old version. I thing of you often dear friend...I just need to get better at getting around to see everyone....nobody has been showing up on the dashboard on blogger or very sporadically I should say. hugs to you.

  12. Anne you must have a pair of boots....called Kick Ass....or at least military boots, hiking boots, oh yeah I think your a boot girl...hugs.

  13. Vicky, 4 cups of coffee and I felt I could go dancing except the head was just a bit fuzzy. I usually only ever have two....are you finding the steroids are rough on your body or do they make you feel better. I looked for you on Pinterest. I am under Cindy Cowan....I will try again. I am so addicted to it right now, I feel like doing crafts and drawing....there are so many good ideas....Hugs to you, hope you are feeling well.

  14. Dear Olivia, thank you for all your comments lately, they mean the world to me. I always find you so full of knowledge and you inspire me dear one. The reality of orthotics yes.... and then the dreams....both make the world go round. I hope your world is full of health, happiness and joy right so deserve it. hugs.

  15. Tabitha so nice to see you here today. I feel like I have had a visit with one of the angels on earth....and I mean that...I may not get to your blog every day, but I am not far from my next visit. hugs and love.

  16. Gail four cups of coffee, close but no cigar. You know I have had lots of boots but I have to admit these little legs have never seen themselves in a pair of stilettos, and I guess if I were to try to wear them now, well I would need two canes. lol. and it would not be to beat the men off from chasing Thinking about you, know this month is a hard one for you. I am gonna pick up the phone and surprise you one of these days. hope you are feeling well and steadily going forward. love you Cinner

  17. Brian you do make me was four cups of coffee. loved your comment. lol. have a great week.

  18. TechnoBabe, 4 cups of coffee and what a crazy day for me....I talked non stop, worked myself into a major headache and won't do that again. Your package should arrive this week as it was put into the mail a week ago on Friday. please let me know when you receive it. thanks have a great coming up week. hugs.

  19. Debra are'nt they the best. When I moved to Edmonton 22 years ago I went and bought a white pair of Cowboy boots with white fringes. I really thought I was something. When I see the pictures with me in them I think, Girl what the hell were you thinking. lol. have a great week ahead. hugs.

  20. I love those boots. They are so hot!!


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