Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oldest I have Ever Been, Yet the Youngest I'll Ever Be!

The above quote was sent to me in an email.
It made me really think
of what I want in a day and this is what I have come up with.
I want time for myself to have my coffee, moments to start my day with my pets and their unconditional love. A kiss from my hubby just before he leaves for work.  Time for Thai Chi outside
on the patio with the sun shining on me and a bit of wind
sending a slight breeze over my body.
Phone calls or visits where we can enjoy laughs together,
Love me a McDonalds soft ice cream later in the day.
A hot shower, fixing myself to babe delicious(okay  its my story)
Off to explore new places, appreciate nature, converse with strangers, small acts of kindness, walking in the park with the dogs. smiling children visiting the pets, holding hands with Hubby, sitting and listening to the elderly talk about their past,
I find that so very interesting, visit with friends, talk to my family, All in all it does not take much to make my day.
Knowing that every day anything is possible and that 
every day is a gift. Time  is so precious,
make memories that will last forever!
Looks like I might have a busy day ahead of me.
Have your very best of days.


  1. stay young cinner...explore those new places, experience life with great friends...time is precious...

  2. It sounds like the perfect day no matter what your age! Love Di ♥

  3. The makings of a perfect day...the way it should be if we can control it and most days we can....others days sometimes other things take control and we just have to respect it, deal with it, learn and make the most of it. I love your simple pleasures that make your day grand! I have those same kind of days!
    I hope you have a day full of wonderful with a side of awesome!! xoxo

  4. Thank you hon..I needed to hear this today. It has been a crazy busy week. I get all caught up in the "stuff" and forget to be present. Cause really..isn't that what it is really about. Being in the moment!
    With school starting (yikes..but yipee) and the kids getting ready to head back to school also, hubby coming and going. Dr.s and dentists and bills and groceries and art...etc etc etc...I think I got a little lost.
    So thank you hon..for reminding is kids are here..I need to spend a little time in the my comfy chair..with my camera..doing nothing at all but enjoying the breeze and the sun and my kiddos laughter. Oh and an iced coffee. That is the plan for today!!
    Huge hugs to you hon! Love, Sarah

  5. you always have such inspiring words here. hoping you are having the best of days.

  6. "Every day is a gift"--you said it, Cinner. We are not guaranteed another; we need to appreciate it today. What a beautiful, sweet, precious day you describe. It lifts my spirits in hoping for the same for me. Peace to you my sister, xoO

  7. i LOVE that quote. wise words to heed.

    thinking of you and hoping you are doing well. Sending healing vibes your way.

    one love.

  8. I am getting to the age that every day I wake up is a gift. My days are so busy and fun and I am grateful to have this time after all the years of working and raising kids. I have less money and less material things now but I have so much more peace and enjoyment. I can't even describe what would be my perfect day. Whatever happens in the day, bring it on.

  9. Yes! Time passes ever quickly and yet so slowly is our friend! It is up to us to savor and enjoy these ticking moments!
    You are doing well my friend

  10. What a beautiful and uplifting post. Your day sounds wonderful, and I love the peaceful painting you created with your words. Have a beautiful day.


  11. Hello sis, i just read all your posting for the last while, i am so glad that you are feeling better and having fun with the boys. We all love you so much can't wait to see you in a few days.

  12. What a lovely post! Such wise words though we all forget them sometimes. It's so easy to get caught up in day to day trivia and forget to appreciate and make the most of the here and now. Thank you for the reminder :) x


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