Saturday, April 21, 2012

Days Keep Flying By.

Hi Everyone,
I finally recovered from the saga of the down lines,
having to argue with one of the companies,
3 times booked to come out and fix the one line,
to have nobody show up.
Finally yesterday after going to the
Escalation Manager,
it was finally taken care of.
So I won't rant and rave about how furious I had been,
I like when people follow through on their promises.
This weekend we are planning to do some yard work.
I have been working on my little pond,
moving things around a bit, and
tomorrow I want to figure what I am going to do with
my front yard. We took a pine tree out last winter and now need
to come up with a plan. Ha and then follow through with the plan,
but that is where it gets a little hard.
But slow and sure we will get it done.
Right now I have too many projects going on,
and still have to schedule a two or three hour nap
in every afternoon to control the cataplexy,
but a gal has to do what she has to do.
I appreciate all the comments and am
sorry I have not had a chance to respond,
Jackie I have already done what you recommended
and still very little luck being able to comment on blogs.
I have been reading and keeping up on all your lives.
I think this is an issue with blogger,
Has anyone else been having problems.
This all happened when I checked out the new Blogger.
I hope everyone is well and that you have a great weekend.
For now I hope you are having
Your Very Best Days.


  1. i have not been having the with many blogger issues you may have to log off....clear your cookies (by going to Tools in your internet browser and then log back on...i have to do that occassionally...

    happy planning on the front yard...

    1. Brian I tried that, my computer seems to be working faster now, so thanks for that, then I went to your blog and wanted to comment on your dinosaur had me at every word. once again I tell you how talented you are. Thanks for your help Brian. I hope you have a great week. smiles

  2. Hi Cinner, I am so happy to hear that you are feeling well. I love naps! As for the comments. I was using Firefox for years and all of a sudden couldn't comment on blogs. So I switched (reluctantly)to Google Chrome and have since had no problems at all. It took me some time to get used to it but it's all good now. Love Di ♥

    1. Hi Di, I have Google Chrome Di and it is still acting up. I have sent a note to blogger and am waiting to hear back. I can reply at least to comments here, and the odd blog. I about go into shock when it works.Hope you are doing good. hugs dear friend.

  3. I can't say I have had any problems either with blogger lately. How nice to see you pop up here! Glad you got your line problems solved :) Now to just figure out blogger issues and you'll be set!

    1. Vicky I cried when I read your last post and actually laughed when the boys said, yep there she goes again, I seem to be like that. I am always amazed by the love that surrounds you, I like that your ribbons on the tree were replaced. You are one of the very are love, thats what I think when I think of you.
      Praying that you are feeling well. Are you all watching the play offs. Wain has been watching non stop. prayers being sent your way. hugs. I hope you get back to read this.

  4. HI CINNER - I am SO happy to see you, read you, be with you this day. I have missed you lots. Your yard projects have the feel of new life and beauty - wonderful!
    Love to you my friend "hey"

    1. Hey Girlfriend, I have been missing you too. a lot. I worked in the yard today at my slow speed, but I am so much better than last summer. of course at this time last year I was waiting to have my surgeries...I think thats why the yard seems like there is so much work, since I could do very little last year. I hope you are feeling good and that your book is going great speed ahead. hugs to you sweet friend. Hey! Love to my American sister.

  5. At least you are able to write in your blog. Glad you were able to get someone to come out and repair the downed line. Dead or alive, it wasn't where it was meant to be.

    1. Hi CiCi, Oh it was a good day. It was two weeks to the day. The young fellow took it right down and he could not have been here more than fifteen minutes. what a relief. have you been in your yard. I have been thinking about you. sending you a big hug your way.

  6. I hate when I have commenting issues. Sometimes when I'm at work I can't comment on Blogger blogs and other times it's fine. Not that I should be commenting on blogs at work, but still.

    1. Unknown Mami, commenting on blogs at work...never heard of such a thing. lol. What I miss about your blog is responding to your posts. I think your such a riot. Just know I have been there and every once in a while, it may work. Hope you and your family are well and that the kidlets are not keeping you too busy. hugs.

  7. I hope blogger settles down for you. That sucks for sure.
    You have a wonderful day as well
    Good seeing you Cinner

    1. SueAnn I am blown away by your photos lately. I love the colors you have been playing with. I tried to comment. yOu must be getting out lots to take them. I hope you are feeling good hon. Are you still walking everyday. think of you often. C

  8. I was just reading an article in a magazine that talked about the fact that the way we live now has us all living on raised cortesol levels and that's taking a toll on our ability to rest and live in a state of wellness. We can't stay in high flight or fright all day, every day. They say that simply sitting and not looking at anything electronic, is a way to reset the brain. I'm betting that's what happens to yours when you take your naps. I miss your comments, and I'm on the new blogger without problems, so I'm going to see if there's something I can find to help you.

    1. Thanks Holly, funny thing is I can respond when I hit Reply, but it is to comment on others. I tried yesterday and was able to apply to maybe three. I tried Brians idea and now can't comment on his. If you find anything please let me know. I think your right about me having a nap....oh I also have google chrome so not sure. Ha i am hoping one day all will be well with it...fingers crossed. hugs to you, hope you are happy and healthy. hugs.

  9. Knowing that you are here and that you are able to blog is a good feeling to me, Cindy. I want you to continue to take good care of you and know that we are here. Like Holly, I will try to find out by doing a little research what the problem could be with your not being able to comment on blogs. I know it must be frustrating to you. But, like I said, I'm glad that you can blog, and do know that we are here and love to be here. As you work in your yard, enjoy every flower, every moment. I know that you will. I'm sending you a gazillion hugs, my friend.

  10. I'm not much use at technical stuff but hopefully your sweet comment on my blog means your issues are sorted out now? Hope so, that sort of thing is sooo annoying! x


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