Friday, April 27, 2012

Sensory Overload

alarm sounds
a morning kiss
mennon speed stick for men
coffee brewing
rustling of papers
a kiss goodbye
the door slams shut
dog whimpers,
Warmth of my robe,
strong smell of flowers on my table
beautiful color,
I open the back door,
fresh air,
pelting rain,
robin sings,
wet smelly dog,
French Vanilla Creme in my Coffee,
Vibrant color,
the sound of pigeons cooing on my chimney,
my cat purring,
the dog snoring,
my breathing,
time passes,
white world of snow returns,
the sound of the furnace,
warmth returning,
a beautiful morning,
a wonderful peaceful feeling,
I hope you are all having a great day,
and that you get a chance to enjoy
the simple things we sometimes  take
for granted.
Until next time,


  1. Thank you for reminding me to keep it simple while I'm going through my day, today. I'm so glad you've decided to continue sharing with us, Cinner. So very glad.

    1. sounds like you had a bit of beauty this morning....and i will def be looking for my simple still have snow? that is crazy...

    2. Brian it is almost gone this afternoon, a week ago it was so hot I got sunburnt, they say in Alberta, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change and it usually does. I keep popping in but still having trouble with the commenting, just letting you know I am there. hope you are well.

    3. Holly, I am glad too. Lately I have just felt quiet which is very unlike me, besides I miss it too much. lol. hope you are well. hugs.

  2. Hi Love _ i am really having a hard time with the 'new blogger design'. ick. So nice to see you - love your morning. Funny story - when I was reading with my not so good eyes, I came to the line that reads - "vibrant color" and I read it as "vibrant colon"!! :-) heehee and i thought, wow, good for her!! heehee love you girl. "hey"

    1. Gail you made me laugh, one thing I won't write about is a vibrant can count on that one. I myself am needing new glasses myself, sometimes I read things and I think now that did not make any sense...put on reading glasses and it gives it whole new meaning. love to you. hugs.

  3. Beautiful writing, my friend.
    I love the way you wrote this; I felt it.
    We need rain, Cindy. It is so hot and dry here, and it is necessary for me to water my flowers, fruit trees, etc. every single day.
    Love the cat purring and the dog snoring. (Good it isn't the other way around, eh? :)) )
    So good to see you blogging again. I missed you.

    1. P.S. I meant to include that I love your blog design and your header. Very lovely!!!

    2. Hi Jackie, thanks. It was really dry here too Jackie, so this week with the rain and snow here will help. I hate when I have to water, things are just starting to turn green, hope you don
      't have to far to carry the water. think of you often. hugs.

  4. Greetings Cinner!!! always love coming here...and your list of simple things is so divine. thinking of you. one love.

  5. I feel so relaxed now..think I will join you in a cup of coffee.
    Thanks and hugs

  6. Oh Cindy that was a beautiful post, i was right there smelling and feeling everything thank you love lots

  7. Sounds like a peaceful, joyful morning. I hope you have been having wonderful days, friend.

  8. That sounds like the perfect relaxing morning! I love your blog header. Love Di ♥


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