Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Tuesday

pic via  pinterest

Random Tuesday,
The forecast for today is 23 degrees,
it is going to be beautiful,
birds have been singing since about four thirty am.
Hubby has the day off and plays ball tonight.
My Friend gave me a wig and hubby laughed at me
when he saw me, but I laughed harder when I got him to try it on.
I bought my first pair of Wedge shoes.
I have not had a heel on in ten years,
do you think thats why I feel a little off balance in them.
I have to say I feel tall in them.
I am addicted to Pinterest.
I still can not comment on some blogs,
but I still read everyone that I used to.
some swearing words while I try to comment.
I have been visiting with friends,
have planned a vacation,
have painted some ornaments for the yard,,
done yardwork,
trying to eat healthy,
getting lots of sleep,
loving life
Planning to get a tatoo
about my cataplexy.
Had a bird drop a branch on me and I had a cataplexy spell.
A magpie fighting with a woodpecker.
The neighborhood has come alive,
all the kids are playing outside,
adults doing yardwork.
some planting has been done,
I usually wait for May long weekend.
wishing everyone a great week,
Well I think that is enough randomness for one day.
Enjoy, until next time,


  1. Sounds like life is good! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

    1. Hi Deb, it is, I am trying to plant my garden but the wind has not let me yet. Oh I love this time of year. hope you are well, I saw you had a break for awhile. I have tried to comment, still having issues. I think its the garfield computer. lol. take care.

  2. I love your randomness Cinner! Happy day to you!
    Love Di ♥

    1. I Have random going on like no tomorrow these days. lol. hope you are having a great time this spring Di, I miss being able to comment on your blog, I am like a stalker lurking in the background. lol. sending you a big hug.

  3. omg on the bird dropping on you...whew...so where are you going for vacay...we just finalized ours this morning...a week in missouri...love that pic...all the color...happy tuesday!

    1. We are going to British Columbia, 8 hours North of us sometime in June. Hubby turns 60 so we are getting away. We won't be gone too long as Hubby plays in the seniors ball league here. Brian he lives and breaths Sports 24/7 and I am the most unathletic person on the planet. It has been a long time since high school when I used to play them all. hope you are doing well my friend.

  4. I looked at your temperature forecast for today. I wish we had some of your coolness here. It's in the 90's every day.
    I love being here, Cindy. It's such a breath of fresh air; I love your spirit and spunk, my friend. I hope that you have a great time on your vacation!! I send you great big hugs!!

    1. Hi Jackie, I think the 90's would kill me. as long as there is a breeze I would be okay. I have a heck of a time with my legs swelling when it gets hot....I do have sexy ankles in the winter, although they are covered in wool socks. such a shame. hugs to you. hope you are loving life and feeling well. hugs.

  5. It's interesting to be aware of the world coming back into focus after a long winter....the tiny things...the sounds...the odd sites...the familiar routines of expanding our lives back out into the world outside our doors. I'm happy to share this with you!

    1. I love it Holly, especially the days the sun is shining. Thanks for all your comments lately. I really miss the times when Toni, you and me were so close. That was almost three years ago this month. Have you heard from her at all and if so how is she doing.
      Hope you are enjoying your time. are you gardening and how are your pets. sending a big hug to you. I am so glad your in my life. hugs.

  6. Nice to be back here...isn't it lovely to get out in the warm fresh air again?

    1. It sure is Caroline, Love feeling the warmth on my body. I need to get out and start taking some pictures again....I keep forgetting which is odd this year. I live vicariously through your photos. I always love how you see life. sending you a hug.

  7. I love the idea of a tattoo...can't wait to see it.
    I love May....but yesterday was so cold and super high winds...sigh! Bring on the heat!!

    1. I have been finding all these ideas on pinterest. I will let you know what I decide on. love the look of your new blog. Hope you are feeling well, hugs to you.

  8. Hi Cinner ! I was so happy to hear your voice the other day. Glad you got through !
    What kind of tattoo ?
    I am planning one for my 50th (4 years away ! Yikes !) but still don't know what design yet. It will be about my mantra "Love is the answer to every question" that's for sure.
    Have fun in your spring time wedges !
    Love and light to you !

    1. Kim...hear my voice???? I have been finding all these great ideas on pinterest. Really thinking of a hibiscus on my shoulder in pink, not a hundred percent sure yet though. and the spring time wedges.....I am loving them I have not worn any kind of heels in years. I keep looking down and thinking how much taller I feel. lol. hugs to you. sending love your way.

  9. Literally a branch or just a giant bird poop that felt like as big as a branch? Ha.

    Are you seriously going to get another tattoo, have you designed it yourself? I want to see a pic of it.

    Where are you going on vacation?

    1. CICI, HA it was a branch, I don't remember if you read my post about a bird pooping on my head when I left a building after working at a job I did not like....I took it as a sign and marched back into the workplace and quit my job, still with the poop in my hair.....I have to laugh when I think of how I must have looked. Take care, hope things are going wonderful for you.sending you a big hug.

    2. CiCi forgot to tell you we are going to Northern British Columbia. It will be a lovely time. it is beautiful country, and I am going to see my best friend. so looking forward to it. hope you are having an awesome time.

  10. Hi Cinner, Your blog looks absolutely beautiful!

    Pinterest is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?!?!" websites. It's such a smart idea-- and yes, addictive too.

    Enjoy the nice weather and have fun in those new shoes!

    xo jj

    1. Thanks Joanna, Here is a story, I had my shoes on today, the phone rings, I started to run to get there on time, had to kick my shoes off to make it. ha I think the jokes on me. Take care dear friend.

  11. Sounds like beautiful weather there.... the stirrings of spring.

  12. Hi my dear...thinking about you and had to stop in to say HI. You are such a wonderful soul. i am thankful for you.

  13. this post is filled with love and life. i have been thinking so much of you. enjoying the spring days, sending love.
    ; )

  14. i missed you! i saw your comment days ago only now i found the time to publish it and to reply ... i miss blogging and my friends but there is no time for it lately ... the birdies wakes me up every morning about 4am as well i listen to them and then suddenly they stop it seems like they went back to sleep and I, thankfully as well. i didn't wear high heels for maybe like 15 years! gosh could it be? ... i don't miss it a bit!! yes it's sexy but after a while when my body aches all over i don't think i look any longer sexy and the high heels won't help :-) take care Cindy! hugs!!


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