Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Birds View, and a Bit of Mine.

Hi Everyone, I can not believe I have been away for so long,
where have I been?
In my yard,
we put in a rock garden in front of the house
and now because the 50 foot pine tree is gone
we get to enjoy the afternoon sun.
Flowers have come up although some did not make 
it through the last snow storm that we had,
but there is always next year.
The lilacs are just about to open.
I always enjoy this time of the year.
I am mesmerized by the beauty of the Lily of the Valley,
the delicate white flowers among the green leaves.
Every year there seems to be more.
My Bleeding Hearts are doing awesome this year.
I have two of them that I transplanted from my Mom
when she moved.
Oh such sweet bliss.
But the one that is doing the best of all are
Le Dandelion......
I dig some it seems every day.
The north side of my house is atrocious
and we had laid down the black cloth so no weeds would grow.
What say ye....Looks like weed to me.
so when I have not been gardening or busy with my flowers
I have become an avid Birdwatcher.
The pigeons from next door , at last count 22 of them.
Needless to say I do a lot of cleaning up after them
with the water hose.
But like they say 
Shit Happens!
ha sorry!
The robins are my favorite,
I love watching them in the bird bath.
They seem quite interested in me too.
I think they know I will protect them from the pets.
I caught this one having a bath, it stayed there for about
ten minutes. It gave me great pleasure to see it playing
with me only about two feet away.
the magpies seem diligent in making their whereabouts know
and somehow manage to show up.
This particular one teases the dog.
My favorite is watching these at the bird feeder
which used to be my Dads.
Many hours were spent watching the hummingbirds at the farm.
It was something my Dad and I had in common.
Today I was reminded of the many hours and talks and love
of nature and the outdoors that we shared.
Tomorrow my Dad will have been gone for three years.
I am amazed at how we still feel him so close to us.
I am also amazed  at how love goes on, and somehow
we manage and we are able to get through any thing,
and with his death has come an understanding of how life continues 
and a strange peaceful feeling has come over me
and I can sit back and I smile
remembering my Dad.
In death love continues to grow,
and somehow a new sense of understanding,
of no longer questioning or searching or needing to know Why,
but just living your best Every Day.
In so doing I find myself at peace.
I love you Dad!
Be well my friends,
Until next time,


  1. i am sorry on your dad...hugs....

    i am rather fond of dandelions, not a weed...smiles...i like your rock garden too...very cool...great to see you cinner..

  2. I've MISSED you!!
    I love seeing and reading blogs from my friends...and especially from areas of the country/world with which I am not familiar. The birds and the flowers where you live are different from here, and I love to see the differences...the beauty you have shared brings smiles to me, Cindy.
    I feel the love that you share with us regarding your Dad. God bless you, and yours and know that I look forward to your next post.
    I have missed you.

  3. Our bleeding hearts are usually thriving by this time of year too but they are very slow so far. We suspect the nearby clematis may be crowding out their roots or stealing their nutrients.

  4. This December will be three years since my Mom's passing Cinner. I think of her everyday.
    Your yard looks so serene and peaceful. Just like you!! I love reading your posts and am so happy you are having a beautiful springtime.
    I'm so glad to see you back here again! Love Di ♥

  5. I am glad to see you again Cinner :-)
    The love for your dad shows in all you wrote and how you think of him. Death is just another dimension and I believe your dad still is around you and closer than you think. xo Hugs to you dear friend

  6. I know magpies can be a pain in the rear but I think they are so cool!! Lovely to look at. Bird watching is so relaxing!
    Your garden sounds so wonderful....even with the dandelions.
    Hugging you

  7. A great rememberance and honor to your Dad. Very dear of you.
    Your garden looks great and the birds are certainly plentiful. How fun. I love to watch birds as well.
    Did you know that you can use in a 32 oz sprayer 1 cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of salt and fill the rest of the sprayer with hot water and spray you dente de lion and they will go away? That way you aren't poisoning anything else. Just know it will kill anyting you spray it on. Canning vinegar is even better, the kind they use for pickles. You know me, the old tree hugger, Oma Linda

  8. I so wish we had Magpies! We simply have black crows. Magpies are so cool with their two tones! I'm digging the new rocks and our lilacs didn't bloom this year because of that freak snow we got in April. Like you said, next year....next year...next year.

  9. Hi Cinner, It's good to see you again. You've been busy and your yard is so lovely. I'm a big fan of Lily of the Valley and wish I could grow them in So. California.

    Sending hugs as you think of your dad. This is a lovely tribute to him.

    xoxo jj

  10. I am a week late seeing this as I have been limiting my blogging these days but it is wonderful to see your garden like this. How beautiful ! One thing about dandelions though. Even though we consider them weeds, the bees actually see them as their first source of poleen in the spring before everything else blooms. There is research that is suggesting that one of the things that has drastically reduced the bees is the weed killers and/or lack of dandelions as we green lawn lovers kill them off. When I learned this, I began loving those little yellow flowers !
    Sending love to you tender, Daddy missing heart. May the glories of spring be a sweet comfort to you.


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