Saturday, June 16, 2012

Too Much Rain, Too Much Driving, It Was Perfect

There was too much rain,
and too much driving.
Around every corner  there were 
more breathtaking beautiful landscapes.
Could it be possible that each was more
beautiful than the last.
And there was way too many pictures,
did I say way to many,
like over 900 of them.
too many but yet not enough,
because I sure did not manage to catch
the three moose, 1 deer and 1 black bear,
They were all too quick and too close to the bush.
They were there and then poof they were gone.
The moose are great big creatures that seem to 
be ready to go in one direction and then
they turn in the opposite direction,
and all you can think of is how
huge and clumsy they seem to be.
There were reflections, and beaver damns,
and oh such fresh air,
there will never be too much of that.
Loud fast runner rivers,
they seem to be almost hypnotic.
Oh and the mountains, in some
areas the feeling of being able to just
reach out and touch them.
There was still snow up in the mountains,
there were falling rock signs posted in certain areas,
and there was snow runoff, water flowing down the rocks.
Did I say it was beautiful,
yes I think I did.
And then the sun came out on the mountains,
and I just could not stop taking pictures.
Look at the beautiful colored water,
oh I just wanted to jump in,
however I knew how cold the water 
would be..
It did make me want to get a canoe.
I used to have one,
oh how I miss getting out on the water.
Nature has a way of putting everything into 
perspective for me, it soothes my soul,
it enlightens my spirit,
it renews my faith, it gets my creative juices going,
it relieves any tension in my shoulders, it relaxes me.
It makes me realize there is something so powerful
around us and that we have so much to be grateful for.
The too much rain, the too much driving,
the not enough time for visiting
become such minor moments,
That all that is left to say,
Is that it was
Thank you so much for all your previous comments,
I am still unable to comment,
but I think I know what I need to do
so hopefully soon I can tell you all
how much I miss you.
I guess I just did.
Until next time,
Have your very Best Days,


  1. Albertans are blessed to be so close to the Rockies and the Mountain Parks! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  2. nature soothes my sould as well...those mountains are cool that you got to see so much wild life as well....

  3. HI CINNER - oh such beautiful pictures - each and every one! I so loved traveling with you.
    See you soon
    Love Gail

  4. Beautiful and stunning scenery!! Glad it is ministering to you!!

  5. I love your photos Cinner, so, so beautiful! I so miss the rain here. We are in a drought and it's just horrible. The water there looks so inviting. We are praying for rain here.
    It's so good to hear from you again! Love Di ♥

  6. I come with apologies, Cindy. I haven't been a faithful blogging friend like I wanted to be. I hope that you will forgive me.
    I've been sick, but that's no excuse.
    I love your writing. You have a natural gift. You do. (I can spot that gift miles away! I'm an "expert" at that!) :)))
    As you enjoy your travels, know that I enjoy them right along with you. Your exuberance is contagious!!! Keep it up. It's good for me!

  7. Hey glad to see you again. And your pics are stunning. I want to go there one see and feel that kind of beauty and power. So glad you have you back. Sending you a ton of hugs lady....from my heart to yours.

  8. so good to have your comment on my post earlier... you have been missed :) hope you are well and smiling.

  9. Beautiful photos! Especially of the birds and I don't care for birds, well, only because there's always a lot of cleaning up to do here also. Enjoy!

  10. Feeling you can reach out and touch the mountains... wow. No wonder it was perfect!


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