Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is There a Venus in all of us?

venus, the lady of my garden.
whether she is covered in shadows
of the night, or stands in glory
in her pure white porcelain beauty.
She makes me stop and I reach out
and am in awe of her beautiful stature,
from a piece of marble she was
unfolded and created,
How did he know she was there,
Had she felt trapped,
or was she content in knowing that one day
she would emerge 
and be treasured.
think it is a process that
we are all works of art
being molded and sculpted
each and every day,
sometimes rough at the edges,
and other days as smooth as silk.
Life can chip away and graze my skin.,
then as tenderly as a kiss
my strength renewed
and I treasure
Until next time,
Have Your Very Best of Days, of you are Canadian
I hope you get a chance to enjoy
the Canada Long Weekend Festivities.


  1. we all are works of art being treasure yourself as well....smiles...good to see you cinner...

    1. Hi Brian, good to see you here, some days I do, other I think sheesh. lol.

  2. Hugs to the wonderful You right in this moment, Miss Cinner !
    Happy Canada Day !

    1. Thanks Kim, you too, you must have Dual Citizenship maybe.? hope you are well.

  3. HI BEAUTIFUL LADY - great post - so beautiful, just like you.
    Love Gail

    1. I am the lucky one to know a beautiful lady like you. hugs.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Deb, I slept until 11:30 it was so dark and gloomy, glad the weather cchanged around for the barbecue festivities. hope you had a great day.

  5. I love your post/poem, Cinner! I agree that it is beautiful just like you. And all of us, as you wrote, being molded, day by day. Thank you for this beautiful analogy! xoO (PS I'm glad you're back)

    1. Thanks Olivia, I am thrilled to be back...although I don;t seem to spend as much time on the computer with our nice weather....I guess that is called living....but I am going to post when I can. big hugs too you.

  6. It is definitely a process, and we are all valuable works of art. Nice post. And what a lovely photo in your header.

    1. Hi CiCi, the photo was taken up around Jasper when we went away for a few days. It was so beautiful. There is so much to Canada that I have never seen. I better get out and start having some more adventures. hope you are well. hugs.

  7. What a lovely poem and thought. I like how you imagined her still in the stone, unrevealed. Sculptures are amazing works of art, aren't they?! And, you're right; we're kind of the same with our true selves revealed over time.

  8. Hey there Cinner, I am back too, it's been ages since I blogged and ages since I have visited my besties in blog land. You sound great girl, glad to see and hear. love to you

  9. this is so well said....the process...Yep I believe that's exactly what happens to all of us. And now I believe if we hold on and never give up....we arrive in amazing places. The hard thing I think is holding on in the dark. Wishing you a beautiful day out your header. That picture makes me want to run to the mountains.


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