Saturday, July 14, 2012

This past week has been a heat wave here.
I have been getting a visitor quite a bit lately.
He loves to play in my yard,
Best game is dropping rocks into the pond
and if the water splashes up and hits us,
well there is nothing more fun.
Of course there have been many
reasons to accidentally spray
I hear him from his yard,
Cinny r ew there, Cinny can I com over.
Up, Up, Cinny r ew there?
This week we had a new adventure
with eating Cherries,
Oh he likes them,
So I told him how you can't eat the cherry pit.
The first little while he was picking them out with his fingers.
Then he swallowed a couple with the pits.
I told him a story my Grandpa used to tell me,
that if you swallowed the pits, a cherry tree would grow
right out your ears....well that was enough to
make me not eat them,
Little Zach he laughed and thought his ears
would look really funny,
so he swallowed one more
and looked at me like
oops I did that on purpose.
Then he looks, felt his ears, and
said when do the trees grow.
That was the end of eating cherries for the day.
It was back to playing in the pond.
He was so excited, I had bought him two little ships
that I had found at Value Village.
His eyes had lit up and he said,
Cinny Wooowwww, two boats.
The smile that lit up on his face and the big hug
just made my day.....
Tonight my God daughter is coming for a sleepover,
and my nephew is here as well although he is
fourteen I am anxious to hear the laughter 
echoing in the yard.
Other than that the heat
keeps me moving slower than normal.
I am frustrated that I don't seem to get much done,
and always seem to have a million jobs running around
in my head. But after a good sleep I can sit back
relax and enjoy the weather,
the yard, visitors, etc.
I try to enjoy each moment.
Have a great week,
I hope life is treating you well,
What have you been up to/
Until next time,
Have the Best of Days,


  1. We've been trying to stay cool in this heat -- thank goodness it cools off at night!

  2. haha too funny he swallowed another after your story....sounds like fun times for sure...we had that heat the last week...glad it is past us...

  3. What a treat to have a little guy like this enjoy your company.

  4. Oh how sweet Cindy!! Little one's just brighten up everything don't they! I understand about the heat. The 100 plus degree temps have slowed everyone in our house down. You aren't alone there my friend! Have a great weekend. Love Di ♥

  5. I have been recovering from surgery and resting quite a bit. I have also been working on some new smaller paintings. Fun!!
    Glad all is well with you and your visitor sounds perfectly enchanting.

  6. Happy Summer, Cinner ! It seems like you have found a sweet sweet play mate.
    Light and love !

  7. Now that is one handsome playmate, Cinner. What a sweetheart. So glad you are having fun together!
    Enjoy the company and here's oping you get a break in the weather. it's been all over the news out here and boy-oh-boy, it's sounds rough.
    Hang in there and keep having fun.
    xo jj


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