Monday, July 23, 2012

The days have been flying by, 
I really feel I have been neglecting my blog
and my blog buddies.
The kidlets keep showing up.
My Goddaughter came for a sleepover,
My nephew was here from out of town,
He stayed with me for a week.
He would not blow the bubbles,
as he is much too cool for that,
but he did get into popping them.
With his fro lots of bubbles would get caught in his hair.
Is it cool to be walking around with bubbles in your hair?
Not to him, but we loved it.
So I even got in on the fun.
I can not remember the last time I played with bubbles.
I remember as a little kid playing,
truth be told I think I had the most fun of all.
I would highly suggest it for stress relief.
Guess whom blew the biggest bubbles?
Oh we had such fun,
I think blowing bubbles would put a smile
on anyone's face!
Then Zach showed up, and he was
right into that, 
Make another one, make another one.
We played until they were all gone,
then it was time for ice cream,
they enjoyed that as much as the bubbles.
You can't keep a little guy still for long,
especially when there is fishing to be done
in the pond.
Should I tell him there is no fish
in the pond. He just thinks they are
amazing hiders, but he says he is going to get him one.
Once he got tired of fishing well then it was time
to throw rocks in the pond,
the bigger the rock, the bigger the splash 
and the bigger the squeals and laughter.
After that we all had a soccer game
with the dogs soccer ball.
Great fun when the fastest one is the dog!
There is nothing like having kids around to brighten
my day, Hubby was home too getting in on the fun,
It was a perfect day for sure.
We even had a sleepover that night.
I figured it would be hard to get them to sleep,
but I think they all fell fast asleep before their
sweet little heads hit their pillows.
Have you ever noticed how beautiful
a sleeping child is,
Ahh it was one of 
My Very Best Days.
I hope you have been enjoying yours,
Until next time,


  1. There's nothing better than blowing bubbles! Sometimes the simplest fun is the best fun.

  2. smiles...looks like you have been spending your time in good places and good blowing bubbles....we were chasing bubbles yesterday at the open air mall in branson...

  3. It's funny Cindy because I notice that my 17 year old still has that innocent look when asleep! They are beautiful children. We like blowing bubbles too. I always have a big bottle under my kitchen sink for just such occasions! It's true, I've always kept some for many,many years! It looked like a very fun day at your house.
    Love Di ♥

  4. Hi Cinner, It's sounding like a fantastic summer so far. I'm a big bubble fan from way back and always keep jars on hand to liven things up.

    Don't worry about blogging. We'll be here once the fun calms down. In the meantime JUST HAVE FUN!!!

    xo jj

  5. good to see you enjoying your family and the wee ones. i love these days when i can spend more time with my children and less time at work.


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