Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Rain Serenade

All is dark except the screen that sits before me,
I sit and listen to the rhythm of the rain,
making melodic symphonies outside my window.
The wind blows and the rhythm changes,
and then it sings so tenderly,
a peaceful, soothing, comforting song,
and then the flood gates open,
The music becomes a loud drum beating faster and faster,
the wind howling in accompaniment,
almost anger, it soon subsides,
and naught  there is but a soft dripping,
singing ever so softly,
wrapping its water droplets.
almost touching my face from outside the window..
whispering softly
sleep, in a language I am sure
that only I can understand.
My eyelids have become heavy,
and my fingers slip
and I
Good night.


  1. sleep well...the rain is my lullaby often....

  2. What a beautiful poem and meditation. We are in our two month sunny season here in the Pacific Northwest, soon to return to the regular 10-month rainy season. I actually start to miss the rain a bit! Especially after your poem. Peace and love to you, Cinner, xoO

  3. Wow. Really beautiful, Cinner. I missed you! Thanks for stopping by.
    Big hugs.

  4. HI CIN - oh how my mom loved falling asleep while the rain came down outside her window - I was so upset when she went in to the nursing home and all the windows were closed and she couldn't hear the rain - it broke my heart. We had given her a rain stick some years back so we brought it to her at the nursing home so she could hear the rain.
    I love you girl and I hope you received my email with all the love intended.
    Love to you

  5. What a beautiful way to go to sleep!!



  6. After those beautiful words I sure hope you had a great sleep! Oh how we long for rain here. Even though it's too late for the crops now, it would feel so good after all of these 100 degree days!
    Love Di ♥

  7. i am longing for rain too.

    i am hosting a giveaway and i would love for you to join in.

  8. Rain is indeed like a lullaby. I like to nap on a rainy day.


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