Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another beautiful rain is falling,
A soft breeze is flowing in through the open window,
the air so tantalizing,
could it be better than the smell of fresh roses?
Today it is!
Just as the rain washes away dirt and dust,
it feels as if a layer of lifes issues
are falling slowly to my feet.
I can feel the tension from my shoulders
slowly easing.
Ahh the rain,
what an effect,
the rain comes faster
changing the pattern of the music.
A soft lull of thunder in the background
distant now, but ever so close without a moments notice.
I need to move as there is work to be done,
but I sit here enjoying,
knowing it is a necessity for the day,
my day to feel peaceful and content
I thank God for showing up
at my window.
I take a deep breath
and I smile.
I hope you are smiling today too.
Until next time,


  1. nice...it has bee sweet relief to have rain the last little bit and cooler mornings....it was a good day for me...thank you...smiles..

  2. If only every day could be so wonderful! Enjoy!

  3. Nothing like listening to the rain. Ahhhh!

  4. HI CINNER - your writing is so lovely, full of truth and hope, promise and surrender. The rain ever rhythmic and soothing. I feel your transition and I feel your peaceful heart for it is time.
    Love to you

  5. Makes me happy, Cinner! You sound like you are doing so well, and I am glad! xoO

  6. So beautiful. Love listening to the rain too.

  7. I could hear the rain as I read this with the imagery you created. Rain is lovely, isn't it? We had a nice one last night. It jostled me from my sleep a bit, but then I was able to nestle into the rolling thunder and pattering of rain against the window.


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