Monday, August 27, 2012


Hi Everyone,
Fall is not completely here,
this picture is from last year.
This past week has been hot days
filled with me watering plants
until we were stricken by a 
Hail Storm on Wednesday afternoon.
It came up so fast, hail the size of a small golf ball.
I don't have a flower left in my yard.
They were pulverized like crushed garlic.
I had company this week,
My Mom and nephew were here.
We had an awesome time.
My nephew was going to paint the fence,
however it is a job probably left until next year.
Weather to hot for two days,
then hailed and rained,
then too windy,
Today as they left,
Young Nephew told me it would be a perfect day to paint.
I tried to talk him into staying longer
knowing full well he was so looking
forward to seeing his friends.
It was a real quiet day around here
and now I settle back into my routine,
and summer came and went,
and I am ready for fall.
until next time,
Have Your Very Best of Days!


  1. sometimes when they leave it is so quiet and hard...glad you had a good time with them....has been wet and cool this weekend but we snapped back to reality yesterday and it got hot! have a great week cinner....

  2. I'm so ready for Autumn myself! Ours won't be very colorful though as this drought has already turned everything brown! But I do look forward to cooler temps! So sorry to hear about your hail storm and the toll it took on your flowers. That's a shame.
    Your photo from last year is lovely! Love Di ♥

  3. Edmonton's summer has not gone yet, Cinner -- it's going to be a real scorcher today!

  4. I am so ready for Fall. Cool temperatures and beautiful colors. :)

  5. I am glad that you are doing well and enjoying time with family, Cinner. We missed summer here in the Pacific Northwest except for a few weeks and are now enjoying an early fall...Love to you, xoO

  6. Summer with high temperatures here in Italy. Many of us are longing for Fall, I'm sure! Just returned from Britain where the sun was shining and the temperatures fantastic. But when rain came, gosh!-we were freezing :(((
    Hugs to you, I've missed you!

  7. It sounds like a wonderful time with family. I'm ready for fall, but I'm afraid our heat will continue for a while.


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