Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Pot of Gold

Hi Everyone,
My picture of the rainbow did not turn out like I wanted,
but what a gift to see a rainbow.
I was on pinterest the other day
and they showed a rainbow taken in Australia.
It was 360 degrees.
It was amazing, all I could think of was
Well where would the pot of Gold be.
The odd things that pop into a persons head.
Today we had a great day.
Our community was having a festival.
It was the 8th year they have been celebrating it.
Hubby and I walked down for it
He was so kind and considerate knowing what
an effort it is for me to go to something like this,
because of Narcolepsy/Cataplexy I am exhausted
before I even get there.
The long walk there and back
was well worth it.
I live in such a diverse cultural neighborhood.
There was music playing, all kinds, tents set up
for different venues and artists,
There were actors dressed as Zombies.
One was super impressive!
There was  singing and dancing
showing different cultures throughout the day.
I have to say my favorite part of the day
was the Belly Dancers,
Oh so beautiful.!
I talked to a young girl and asked if there
were outfits in my size, and she told
me of course they made outfits
Goddesses like Me,
Bless her heart.
She went on to tell me that they Celebrate
the body and all the different body types.
She was such a kind pretty thing.
Anyway I got some information,
and as soon as I don't have to use my cane.
Absolutely 100% I am going to take some classes.
She said if I could stand in one spot with my 
hands free then I could learn no problem.
She says the ladies over 50 have the most fun,
that they just have a blast!
I also met the most wonderful lady
in her late seventies.
She had the coolest tattoos I have seen.
One on each arm and one across her back,
all done in kind of a sea foam green.
They were beautiful and she loves them.
She has had them over 30 years.
They were so elegant
that I was inspired to come home and draw.
This week four pictures,
so I am on track with that.
What a mood lifter to lose myself
into my art once again.
I am going to try and get back there tomorrow,
as today I forgot to take my camera
with me.
There were so many beautiful costumes,
bright, bold and cheery.
It was a great day.
I could complain about how hard it was for me to get back home,
but I won't because I talked to a lady in a wheelchair
and she told me that she has not been able to walk at all for a couple of  years.
So as I walked holding hands with hubby towards home.
I kept thinking one foot in front of the other.
He was so encouraging,
The police were going down our street towards our home
and I said to hubby,
Maybe I could catch a ride with them.
We both laughed,
Four houses more to go
and I had conquered the world,
and my Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow
was my Front Door, upon entering
I smiled and said Well I made it
Next time will be easier!
I hope this finds you
Having Your Very Best Days.


  1. what, where are the pics of your pictures? smiles...sounds like a fun festival...belly dancers, cool....a goddess like you, smiles...nice...a 360 rainbow, i need to look that one up, sounds pretty cool....

  2. How wonderful! I hope you are able to have your belly dancing lessons soon!

  3. What a beautiful and fulfilling day you had.

  4. Hooray for the belly dancing lessons. I always thought that would be fun too. I like anyone with the philosophy to celebrate the body and all body types. What do you mean ladies over 50, you aren't over 50, surely not. You are so young sounding on the phone and young looking. Sounds like a wonderful walk and lots of fun sights and sounds.


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