Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Time to Draw and A Time to Ribbet!

Hi  recently I have started to draw again.
I have not done a lot over the past few years,
and for some reason I have a renewed love.
Someone asked to see them so
here goes,
Why am I nervous.?
The above is the original.
I have been experimenting with Ribbet.
It is very similar to picnic.
To take you there
Here are a couple of different textures I played with.
I find it a lot of fun to see your art change right before your eyes.
Same picture but yet different.
More than the fact of it being sideways ha ha.
Not sure why it did that,
oh well you get the idea.
Here is Black & White
again sorry for it being sideways.
I can just see you sitting there with your head sideways,
think drat that Cinner,
get it together.
So I have it figured out,
The originals come upright.
Lately I have had the urge to go to the beach,
so this one I think looks like a mermaid.
I don't know.
Sort of.
Here is another one that I sharpened a bit.
It came out a little brighter.
Same day another picture,
Earlier in the day we had gone to
a local festival and there were a bunch
of belly dancers. They were so awesome to watch.
Their moves were impeccable.
This is one of my future dreams.
I can take a class, 
only 3 blocks from home.
Here is a pic that I changed.
I  think I like the originals the best,
I really need to work on my shading,
but all in all not bad for a first run.
Last night I lay in bed thinking I should get up and draw.
I did not but I should have because 
I never fell back asleep.
silly I know..
I hope this finds you having a great day,
and that your life is filled
with many blessings.
A  quote to ponder for the day
"It's never too late to be who you 
Might Have Been."
by George Elliot
Until next time,


  1. very cool...i love to draw...the eyes are very prominent in your pictures...on the first one i like that first texture on it...

  2. Yes, she DOES look like a mermaid -- and a mermaid with a nice tat, to boot!

  3. I love your drawing Cinner, and this quote is always helping me finding my ways. :-)

  4. Very cool!! Beautiful drawings and I love the Ribbit!!

  5. I'm so glad you started drawing again Cinner and thank you for sharing your work with us! Your creativity is coming out and it is beautiful to watch! xoO

  6. I love it Cinner! You do have a talent for sure! Glad to hear you are having fun and being creative. Love Di ♥

  7. I love these Cindy....and I agree with Dianna...you do have talent. It's fun to let that creative part of us come out.....your post inspires me to do something artsy......Wishing you a fabulous rest of the weekend.

  8. I like your drawings, Cinner. I like to draw my oracle cards when I do readings for myself. It's a different way of creativity for myself and have seen my artwork improve as well.
    Do take the belly dancing when you can. I've always wanted to take one too.

  9. Hi there, Cinner. Love those beautiful blue eyes and the interesting textures. You're very creative. Hope you keep drawing and show us more of your work.
    xoxo jj

  10. Drawing is the one talent I would choose above all else. I am so glad you have it and are pursing it again.

  11. Cinner,

    Your drawings are beautiful. The glitter on that last drawing looks like I could feel it. I love each one of your drawings. You remind me that I haven't sat with pencil in hand jus to draw in a very long time. I love the words in that quote. Thank you for the inspiration.


  12. i have always wanted to draw and paint... but it is one thing that i dont think i am very good at.

  13. I have stopped by simply to say I love you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I see you on Pinterest all the time, but it occurs to me that I haven't taken the moment to remind you how much you are loved. So now I've corrected that over-site!


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