Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sometime You Have to Get Over Your Pride!

Hi again,
I know I said I would be around
and it has been a month since my last post.
I went visiting family figuring I should do that before winter settles in.
I turned 49 while I was gone.
My one sister had rented a rollator (walker with a seat) for me.
In recent months I have not been able to get around very easily,
and because I finally admitted to myself that it would benefit me,
this is where I was the morning of my birthday
having brunch with my sister.
The weather was beautiful, we took her dogs
and walked quite a ways and then sat on a bench overlooking the river.
The colors were amazing.
There were geese flying on and off the water, It was really nice,
oh and I felt so alive. The company was great!
I really could have stayed there all day.
Mom and most of the family had a birthday party for me
in the evening. It was a perfect day.
Unfortunately my hubby was working and could not be there
but we had celebrated before I had left.
Because of my new found freedom 2 days later I found myself
at Elbow Falls and getting around with no worries of falling.
My Mom and sister were so proud of me.
We had a wonderful day, and being the nature lover
I am I could of stayed there all day of course.
It was breathtaking!
My Mom and sister climbed out on the rocks.
It was good to see them having fun.
Can you believe this view?
I feel that my world has expanded and so many doors
have opened for me because I no longer have to spend my
days in my house for fear of falling.
The next morning I took off by myself  and 
took my walker and walked farther than I have in the last five years.
When I got tired I sat down on my walker, and then I would go again.
I conversed with a lot of others out enjoying the day.
When I made the way up the hill behind my Moms place
and then came down the path, she was standing at the patio doors
and she waved and I waved, knowing she was as proud of me
as I was of myself. I continued on for awhile and made it back
no problem.
I am hoping I will build my strength up and after a while may
not need to use the walker.
OH, guess what I got for myself for my birthday......
a new tattoo,
yes I did
and I will post a picture of it tomorrow.
Hope you are all well,
May you have your Very Best Day!
Until next time,


  1. Happy belated birthday, Cinner! What a beautiful gift from your sister- I'm glad you can enjoy the surroundings in a more comfortable way. Nature is generous in beautiful colors now, enjoy your newly-found freedom!
    Big hugs,
    Monica xo

  2. Happy Birthday sweet friend! Such a nice way to spend your special day. Love the idea of the walker...I am sure it was like flying!! Good for you!
    And congrats on your new tattoo!! Can't wait to see it

  3. happy birthday! and what a treat too...a blessing really, that freedom to get out...that is awesome....and the view is beautiful....i am so happy for you cinner....smiles.

    new tattoo...and no pic? smiles.

  4. Happy birthday, you young chick! That walker is a great idea -- roll, baby, roll! Looking forward to the photo of your new tat.

  5. Hello beautiful - first, "HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY" -
    I love all the pictures of the beautiful sights along your walk with your rollator. I NEVER go out without my rollator. I actually have two, one for in the house and one for going out. I feel safe and confident to move about so long as I am walking with it. So freeing! I have missed you Cinner. Pleae stay close, k?
    Love Gail

  6. Happy Happiest Birthday, belated. So wonderful that your Sis got you the walker. It is so necessary for us to keep going. Good for you my dear. Oma Linda

  7. Happy Birthday, Dear One! I am so glad that you finally accepted an assist! It's hard to give in and let go of how we see ourselves instead of accepting how things are in the moment. I so understand this. But, when we do accept the help that is out there for us, you're so correct, the world becomes open to us once more. Good on you for giving yourself this gift!

    And, your pictures of the magic spots ?! Gorgeous...just like you!

  8. Happy Birthday, Cinner! I too am glad for your walker and your freedom. I am glad to hear you are doing so well, too. Sending you love and blessings, xoO

  9. Happy belated birthday dear Cinner. I am so happy for you on your new found freedom. Enjoy it! Elbow Falls is a favourite place of mine, we were there at the end of Summer. :)

  10. It sounded like a great birthday Cindy! And you're right, that view was spectacular! Oh I wish I could have seen it too! I love that you are getting around more now. I wish I was a bit more motivated but just can't seem to find that lately.
    Happy Belated Birthday! Love Di ♥

    P.S. Really looking forward to seeing that tattoo!!


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