Sunday, October 14, 2012

Medic Alert Tattoo

I had been thinking about this for a year now.
On Pinterest I have been looking at Tattoos like a crazy person.
I think I have 4000 on my Inspiration Board!
I am blown away, some are such works of art.
Some are not my style, I am not a lover of anything that has a skull
on it, and I am not a great lover of snakes.....
but I love flowers, and lace, and white tattoos,
and some tribal, fairies, butterflies, all things pretty.
Now I can go walking and if I fell
and was not responding,
usually the first thing someone does
is check your pulse.
They might not know what Cataplexy is,
but they could find out.
Under the Cataplexy wording
there is an outline of a body on its side.
The size is 3 x 5
My Tattooist was a lovely lady named Ashley.
What impressed me the most was that she had taken
the time to look up Cataplexy!
When she was all done,
I said who knows maybe this will save my life one day
all because of you.
She got a tear in her eye,
and said that she had not thought of it that way.
It is becoming more and more common to have
a Medic Alert tattoo.
For me if nothing else,
it will bring more awareness
to this odd condition.
Do you have a tattoo?
I would love to hear  your story.
Take care for now,
Hope you are having
Your Best Day Ever,


  1. What a clever idea! So much better than wearing one of those bracelets that can get lost.

    1. I never seemed to have mine on, then I lost it, so this is good for me. I don't even worry now Deb. hope you and the HRH are well.

  2. What a great idea, I wear a medic alert bracelet, its gold with a gold heart hanging from it which holds my medical alerts. I like it but its true when I lost weight it sliped off my wrist so I could of easily lost it, I had it made smaller. I hate pain, was it painful? Big hugs always.....:-)

    1. Hi Bernie your bracelet sounds nice. It did hurt but it was worth it, but at the time I thought maybe I needed a stiff drink. lol. just kidding.

  3. What a great idea!!!! I have one...on my left ankle...I love it and hope to get some more.

    1. Good for you SueAnn. think of you often.

  4. that is really cool...and may save your life one not have a tattoo...might still one of these really close once...on my shoulder....there is some really cool tattoo art out there...

    1. There is Brian, I am niot into anything with skulls. The sugar skulls seem to be the in thing right now....I don't like them. flowers and birds are what I am attracted too....I just don't know if I am brave enough for another.smiles.

  5. I never would have come up with such a great idea! It makes perfect sense. Yes I have a Tattoo of a small purple heart with a swirl on the bottom of it on my upper right arm. Had it for 37 years! Love Di ♥

    1. 37 years, what were you six years old? HUGS DEAR FRIEND.

  6. I don't have any ink. I have considered it over the years, but could never decide on what I truly wanted. So, for me, it's a no for the ink...just the desire... great idea you had there, Cinner.

    1. nO Ink, but you have the three cutest dogs I ever did see. hugs to you.

  7. HI CINNER - great tattoo, wow! You are braver than me though. I always say I want one but I never find the courage to go and have it done!!
    Love you girl "hey"

    1. I love you too, will call you soon, think of yiy every day and hope you are feeling well.

  8. I think that is one of the best tattoos I have ever seen. Especially since it can be used to help you in a medical emergency.

    1. Shell, thanks, I know it gives me peace of mind for sure.hope you are well.

  9. this is a lovely thing. and i am so for anything that brings you a peace of mind. love it! i do have a tattoo. ; )

  10. congrats on your tattoo
    how awesome that it could help you as well as being interesting art

    i have never really been drawn to tattoos
    then years ago
    i had a dream
    i was in downtown L.A.
    it was chaos.... emergency vehicles, people running, night time, explosions,
    i entered a building... it was a salon for hair and more
    my sister was there, i was happy to greet her
    a woman walked up, a lovely woman
    she said how is your tattoo?
    i looked at her questioning
    she motioned towards my belly
    i lifted my shirt and there was a tattoo that went from my bikini line to the bottom of my breasts
    it was colorful
    most of my belly was leaves of grass, stems of flowers and their leaves
    then colored petals of flowers at the top
    they were alive and moving in a breeze
    i smiled
    i thought it was so beautiful
    i have looked at tats a bit differently since then!

    wonderful weekend to you~

  11. what an awesome dream Tammie your tattoo was perfect for you because of your love of nature. thanks for sharing your dream with me. have a great weekend too.


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