Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yesterday I woke up realizing that my getting away for awhile
is out of the question.
Oh the first snowfall that lay ever so lightly on my leaves that I had raked.
Instead of being productive I ate soup, stayed in my pj's all day,
surfed pinterest and talked on the phone.
Today I am up bright and early 
grateful for energy,
grateful that the snow has disapeared ,
grateful for french vanilla coffee,
grateful that hubby is home today.
Wishing all of you a wonderful day.
Until next time,


  1. Sorry you will recognize the picture because I just posted it a few days ago. I guess I miss being there. oooops.

  2. ha. another look at the pic is not bad at all...and it sounds like a rather relaxing day....hoping we get some snow this year...

  3. Hi Cinner ! Sorry about the snow but glad it melted quickly for you.
    We are in midst of full blown Fall here, with lots of yellows, rusts and oranges blowing off the trees. Kind of beautiful.
    I hope you are keeping well.
    I loved the idea of your tattoo ! How was the pain in that area ? I was thinking of getting a tattoo for my 50th in a few years. It will be painful turning 50 so I may as well celebrate with something painful but beautiful in the end, right ?
    Take good care and I hope the rest of the fall treats you well.

  4. Snow? Yikes...I would have stayed in my PJ's too! Ha!
    Glad you are having a wonderful day!

  5. HI CINNER - I love a day in pj's having soup and just shuffling about! :-) And so today is glorious as well - your energy up and ready to be adventurous.
    it is lovely here in New England - and we will gather to honor our Dad - strange to do so without our Mom - she missed him for SO long and now they are together again.
    Love Gail

  6. Sometimes we need those days! I have to talk myself down from doing too much most days! Your photo is beautiful Cindy. No snow here yet. But I suppose it's just around the corner.
    Love Di ♥

  7. HEY!! I missed you here..trying to get back to my bloggy self. Get away..oh I soooo want to get away hon. Have traded my plate full for a platter and it seems to have morphed into a banquet table..yikes! I need a pinterest day..a nothing day..pjs?? I am in..vanilla, can I share my caramel? We shall sit together and sip coffee with scones and giggle over things on pinterest..then watch a choose! on my way to your house..:) Hugs hon!!

  8. Hi Cinner, Sending belated birthday wishes. Hope your 49th is a wonderful, healthy year for you.

    I blinked when I saw the snow in your photo and thought to myself that it couldn't possibly be a current photo! Yikes. It too early for snow!

    Saw your post on your new tattoo. I'd have never thought of that but it sure makes sense! Pinterest has really changed the way we see things we'd never have dreamed of before! I'm a total pinning junkie!

    Feel good. xo jj

  9. What a wonderful gratitude list, Cinner!
    It's always a pleasure to come here and read your uplifting words!


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