Wednesday, December 19, 2012

There are no footprints out here.
I can not believe how much snow we have,
soon Winter will be officially here.
It is minus thirty today last time I checked on the Weather Channel.
My car is completely covered in snow.
It is a good thing I don't drive anymore.
I don't venture out unless I have to,
My house smells wonderful today.
I have a pot of Soup/Stew on.
I am big on this in the winter!
Stinky is having no part of winter, although she does
scan for birds a few times during the day.
This is her favorite spot to be, here and under the tree.
ready to swipe us as we go by. The tree has already been
knocked down once by her resulting in a leaning tree
and some  ornament rearranging.
Should see what it will look like by the end of the season.
In the evening one will find me laying on the couch in the dark
watching the lights of the tree, a look of contentment on my face,
a feeling of love in my heart and in  my  home.
My hand being held by the strong grasp of my hubby,
yes,  right now my world is perfect.
May you have your 
Very Best


  1. glad your world is perfect right look at all that snow!!!! i am jealous just a bit of that...ha...

  2. Brrrrrr....the snow looks cold. Just snow in the mountains here so far. But today we have 70 mph gusts of wind which makes for a cold day.
    Glad to see you kitty is enjoying the largest cat toy in the house. Ours too. They take turns rearranging the ornaments.
    Stay warm, happy and healthy my friend, Oma Linda

  3. Love love LOVE your snow!
    I'm soooo jealous. We are still running our air conditioner in our home and in our vehicles.
    I would love it if we could just wear long sleeves...sigh.
    It's unseasonably warm here in the Southern USA (south Georgia.)
    Enjoy your white Christmas and the soothing lovely lights of your beautiful tree. Lovely shots, Cinner...just lovely.
    Hugs and love,

  4. HELLO LOVE - beautiful pictures of all the blessings of the Christmas season, from snow to tree lights to pets to a strong hand to hold and the smell of a stew simmering - glorious.
    Merry Christmas" mt friend - I will be scarce until after the New Year - the final laps to our move begin on Friday - and I will be off line from 12/27 to around 1/2.
    I love you Cinner

  5. I love love watching the lights on the tree!! Fabulous...and your evening sounds wonderful and so relaxing!!
    Be well

  6. Thank you, Cinner, for your encouraging comment on my recent post. You bless me. I've been missing my blog-hopping habit and I wanted to stop by and say, "Hello, friend. Merry Christmas."


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