Monday, January 7, 2013

Beginnings and Endings

It was calm, it was peaceful.
The young couple walked on the beach,
starting a new life together.
A life filled with hope and promise,
looking forward to their future together.
Unknowingly in another Country,
it was calm, it was peaceful
A middle aged man feeling no other options,
took the belt from around his waist
that was tied by a knot way before the last hole in the belt.
What once was a bright future filled with laughter,
fun and games was now only hollow and dark.
By his own hand the lights went out,
no further decisions to be made.
The young man reaches for her hand.
they kiss and dance in the shadows
until the sun goes down
and it is darkness
until once again
the light rises.
For some it is a new day.
For others, it is forever gone.
In memory, a missed friend.
In reflection about this
my word for 2013
is Hope,
for without it
one has nothing.
I have always been very positive,
but I believe we all have to be there for each other,
so that one may never lose hope.
With hope one finds strength
from way inside,
to carry on, to be happy, to face each day,
to have their very best of days.
I  sign off  filled with hope
and joy for the year that awaits me.
I am excited, I am hopeful.


  1. Hope is what gets us through the hard times and what steers use through the good.
    May the good be plentiful for you in 2013, Lovely Cinner !

  2. i would agree in that the only way we will get through this is together....but i have hope for the new year....and hope yours is wonderful...smiles...

  3. Yes...hope is the life line!! Despair's enemy!
    Be filled with peace

  4. May HOPE never dim. Happy New Year, Cinner.

  5. My Daddy Jack (grandfather) used to say that sometimes hope is only as strong as the fingernail that you use to hang on. I think he was wrong. Hope is what allows you to hang on by your fingernails and prevail and persevere. Wishing you only the best. Oma Linda

  6. In memory of your missed friend...
    Sending you hugs and love, Cindy.

    1. Hi Jackie, thank you for your comment and thank you for the lovely Christmas card that arrived this week.

  7. With hope anything is possible. Love to you.

  8. Hello love - oh my, such a beautiful post girl - yes, "hope" I so needed to read this because as much as I know I am blessed to be here in this cozy bungalow with Skipp that was my Mom's I also ache for our home of 21 years - and I am so sad as to the reasons why we moved here - illness and death and yet the blessings are endless too - so I am adjusting, surrendering, hanging on to hope and love and friends like you - "thank you"
    Love Gail

  9. What a lovely post Cinner and I think that "Hope" is very important. The alternative would be too painful.
    Love Di ♥

  10. Hope is the sweet balm when life seems dim. Wishing you a year full of vibrant Hope, Cinner.

  11. Life would be such a struggle without hope. You picked a special word for 2013. May you always have hope and may you be rewarded with much love and good health.

  12. Big sigh, Cinner. That was beautiful and sad. I'm sorry for your friend and sending hugs and hope to you and ours.
    xo jj

  13. 'hope' is a lovely companion word, it has the ability to shine light in dark places. lovely weekend to you~


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