Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mirror Mirror On the Wall,

Heeey You Are Looking Some Fine Today!
You got a confidence about you
that says Your the Bomb,
and Oh What are You Wearing,
There is nothing more beautiful than a Smile.
Trust me a smile trumps any 
Designer Fashions, a smile gives you a
twinkle in the eye, yes like diamonds.
And when you get that laughter on,
no eyes can even look away
because you are beaming and showing 
all the wonders of you.
Today is the Day of Love,
the best gift you can give yourself,
is to love you.
Look in the mirror,
you know that grey hair that you have not been liking,
well today it is smoky hot,
You are everything that you think your not.
Your enough and more,
and Your Magic and Loved.
You can put all your worries away for today is
about you,
about all you are.
Today Celebrate You!
Happy Valentines Day
until next time,


  1. wife likes my grey hair in my least she tells me that and i dont want to know otherwise...smiles....

    hope you have a LOVEly day cinner

  2. What a boost of a post! Thank you for that, Cindy.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!
    Hugs and love,

  3. Have a wonderful Valentines Day today with your true love!

  4. What a sweet love filled post.....positively on point. Oma Linda

  5. Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day, Cinner. It is true, self love is important for all of us.


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