Monday, February 11, 2013

No Coffee from this pot!

Here is a picture of my terrarium. It is kind of hard to see,
my favorite part is the two little owls in their little nest.
I might put some smaller pebbles in it too.
I love it sitting in my kitchen.
You can see the owls a bit clearer in this one. They make 
me smile.
So here it is, total cost to make about 2.50 for the plant.
Everything else I had in my house. I am trying to recycle more
and have so many ideas for pallets, and Hubby says he is going to help
me in the Spring, so will see what I come up with then.
Had a nice quiet weekend,
went out for lunch on Saturday 
with Hubby's sister and Mom.
Watched Hockey game and Grammy's last night.
Yesterday would have been my Dads birthday.
I miss him, but I had to smile. I always
phoned him on his birthday, he hated talking on the phone,
I always used to tell him I loved him, it seemed to 
always make him a little nervous,
Mr. Tough Guy Farmer type you know,
Then one day he told me back and he never
ever forgot to tell me after that.
It gave me comfort yesterday!
Wishing you all the best of weeks,
Until next time,


  1. smiles..heart warming story on your dad...and hugs on missing him on his birthday as cool what you did with the coffee pot too...i love seeing things repurposed like that....

    have a lovely day cinner

  2. What a great repurposing of an old Sunbeam coffee pot! Love the wee owls.

  3. The tiny sweet owls in a coffee pot are a perfect way to start the week. Good for you on recycling and coming up with such a darling vinette.
    Also a very sweet rememberance of your Dad. Glad you look back with smiles and warm memories. Thanks for sharing that with us. Oma Linda

  4. hello Cinner,
    your terrarium is adorable, i love that you used a coffee pot for it. owls are always a favorite to see.

    your story of your dad is quite sweet.

  5. Sweet thoughts of you Dad, Cindy.
    I know that you must miss him a lot; I'm glad that you have those memories to hold close.
    It won't be long until spring...just a few weeks. It doesn't seem possible, does it?
    Easter is March 31, and that is early to me...
    It seems that time flies too quickly for me any more.
    I send you lots of hugs and love...

  6. Love your owls....and I miss my dad too! Never had the pleasure of hearing him say, I love you, but I knew it. He used to brag on me when I wasn't around!
    So cute

  7. Hello love -
    the owls are SO adorable. And ya, hearing "I love you" from your Dad is priceless and such a precious memory to have.
    Love you girl "hey"


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