Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some Mood Lifting Flowers

Hi again,
Thank you to everyone whom left
a comment or personally emailed me.
Talk about a Spirit Uplift!
One of my friends Monica
said to go buy some flowers for myself,
The same day Hubby came home with two
bunches of flowers.
Such a nice surprise.
Random Tuesday
making soup in my crock pot, cleaning in my kitchen,
painting shelves in my office,
watching construction workers across the street,
mostly getting stuck from the ice under the snow,
phone call from my brother,
sun shining on my face,
making grocery list,
Reading Matt Hoover's
Guide to Life, Love, and Losing Weight.
How many Self Help Books does one girl need?
Making a Terrarium in my Old Coffee Pot,
(idea from Pinterest)
Budgeting 101 started February 1st.
Food has increased so much !
I keep sounding like my Dad, you used to buy this for
such and such and now look at this.
Am I getting old or frugal,
maybe just Smart.
Loving hockey again!
and stalling from working
as I sit on here. I better getting moving
before the moving is gone for the day.
And what are your random thoughts for the day.
Until next time,


  1. I love it when I start sounding like my Mama or Daddy ..."(I remember when __ used to cost __)"
    That makes me smile and realize that I'm not getting older, I'm getting wiser.
    Love the florals on your blog, Cindy. This is a beautiful place to be today. Thank you for sharing the photos of the flowers with me.
    Sending you warm hugs....

  2. Jackie right back at you. How have you been, We are wise beyond our years. lol. Think of you often dear friend.

  3. Flowers are never so welcome as in the middle of winter!

  4. That is so true Debra, hopefully we have an early Spring so we can get out in our yards. I laugh everytime I look out my back yard, it is so full of snow.

  5. HELLO LOVE - the flowers are beautiful and so are you.
    Love Gail

    1. Love you too Gail, hope you are all settled into your new home. Did you get hit by the storm, hope you have power. peace. hey.

  6. I'm so glad that you got a taste of spring to lift you up because you certainly do that for us.

    1. Awwwe Holly I think that every time I see your babies on facebook. love you too.

  7. Is the terrarium you are making a coffeemaker or a metal coffee pot? When you finish with it, I would like to see a photo.

    1. Hi CiCi, it is a glass pot from a coffee maker. I will post it in my next post just for you. hugs.

  8. Hi Cinner, Flowers are always a welcome surprise, even if we buy them for ourselves-- which I do occasionally.

    Pinterest can be addicting but there are so many amazing ideas to be found. Love the use of your old coffee pot!

    Hang in there my friend. We're cheering you on.
    xo jj

    1. Hi Joanna, thank you for your kind words, , I love flowers, we have been lucky with our weather lately, not too cold, knock on wood. Pinterest does have some great ideas. now if only I had time to get all of the ideas done....lol. I think the coffee pot turned out okay. I am going to post it today. sending you a big hug and love.

  9. The flowers are lovely, and I love this blog background...it's gorgeous. I love your list of random thoughts. I am frugal now too, I get a kick out of saving money. This must truly be a sign of elder wisdom.

    Cinner you are beautiful, and I am so happy that I met you.


    1. Hi Karen, the background is from Vintage Made By You, she has the most beautiful ones. I like hers and Bildknost. From my side bar just click on my flashing button and that will take you to Vintage Made By You to check them out. I am happy I have met you too Karen. I hope all the snow shovelling was done and that you are able to get out or at least cozy comfy at home.. hugs.

  10. Lots of good stuff in your living, Cinner !
    Keep looking for beauty !
    Happy Sunday !

    1. Thanks Kim, did you get hit with the snow. I have been wondering if it missed you or not. Hope you have a great week. hugs.


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