Wednesday, October 30, 2013

lLife Has Gone to the Dogs!

Hi Everyone,
Mom did not have time to edit any pictures,
but she did want to post something positive here.
She says she is positive that I am not supposed
to be on the couch.
and she is positive that I am not supposed
to chase the cat.
She also thinks that if I am not making eye contact,
that I may have done something that I was not supposed to.
I am just trying to be invisible, but she does not quite
understand that one yet.
We are both positive that I can sleep just as much
as Mom.

but best of all
I know she loves me as much
as I love her.
I know I found my forever home.
oh gotta go 
I hear Dad driving down the road
Oh yeah I passed my Feisty Fido class,
I think I fooled them all,
apparently I am supposed to behave
I am not even one yet.
crash, bang,


  1. awww...what a cute little pups...smiles...and i wont tell anyone you were on the couch...smiles.

  2. I am positive that he's just adorable! And, I'm also positive he is bringing you joy!

  3. Not even one yet but has captured your heart. Nice post and the pictures are great.

  4. How did I miss this post? Puppy is so cute!


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