Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sometimes There Are No Answers

I look to the heavens,
searching for an answer.
why things happen the way they do.
What purpose is a little girl of eight
to lose her mother.
She sat their holding her mothers hand,
tears streaming down her tiny face,
too young to understand,
No she won't wake up,
She has gone to heaven to be with Grandma.
The little girl in the last few days
has moved in with her Aunt,
changed schools, said goodbye to friends,
changed cities.
I look to the heavens
searching for an answer
I wonder why I feel angry.
I know Anette is smiling down at her daughter
and her sister. She was all about heaven and Faith.
She had come through brain surgery
with flying colors almost a month ago,
had a severe headache and died 3 days ago.
I look to the heavens
and pray for understanding.
I pray for this little girl that she will continue to be
a child.
I never ever knew you,
except through your sister and mine,
I feel the loss,
and am so saddened that you were taken
from Kayanna so early.
I will remember our communication on facebook.
When I look to the heavens
I will smile and remember you and your Mom,
for Shannon's love for you both
is so strong,
that you will never be forgotten.


  1. why is such a hard question and it is hard to understand as well....we are so in the moment the big picture gets lost...i am glad that she has family to care for will be a hard transition a hard journey for a bit for her...hugs.

  2. There are no answers to the why, Cinner. But Love is the answer for how we get through. Love and light to you, this little girl, her family and to her mother's spirit.

  3. A lovely post about Anette...and I am so sorry for her family and especially her little 8-year-old daughter. Breaks my heart.
    The answers as to "why" are elusive on this side of heaven, but I know that we will see it all clearly one day.
    Thank you for a touching post that shares your heart feelings with me.
    Your background for this post is stunningly beautiful. I love the fall colors...the movements....just beautiful.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Hello love - "Why", I too have asked it many times. I am so sorry for thel oss of your loved one. How sad and untimely. I hope that one day we will all undersdtans in the life after this.
    Love Gail

  5. How pretty you've made your blog :) I'm so sorry to read of such sadness and would be wondering why too, when really, no answer would seem sufficient. Hugs to you~

  6. Thankyou everyone for such kind words. I am managing to focus on all the wonders in this life. we have gotten our first snowfall and it looks beautiful outside. maybe just the change that was needed. hugs.

  7. I love you, Cinner, and your big giant enormous heart.


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