Friday, October 4, 2013

Round and Round, Life Keeps Going.....

The beautiful fall day 
is just what I have needed.
The days of summer to fall 
have been going by so fast 
that sometimes I feel like I have not had time to think,
which is rather silly because I do have so much time alone.
Turning 50 has been awesome for me.
I love being fifty.
I love how peaceful and happy I feel about my life.
In the last two months I have known
nine people that have passed away,
mostly taken by Cancer of one form or another.
One of my dearest friends is facing it right now,
she is 87 and is facing everything with such
grace and dignity.
I told her one day that I wished I had
the right words to say to her, and she
said the best thing I could do
was to just listen and hold
her hand, that I was doing
everything right!
I think it is common to feel helpless at times like this,
but I am also determined, determined that I
am going to live the very best life I can,
and that I am going to do everything
I have ever hoped to do,
and hopefully I will have someone
whom finds my stories as interesting
as I have found hers over the years.
And through our stories,
each and everyone of us
We will all live on,
no matter at what age
we are taken home.
I did not write this to make 
anyone sad, I just felt the need
to get this off my chest.
I want you to enjoy your weekend
and live the very best days you can.
Take care,


  1. Oh my. Nine people in two months. Very sad for you. But, wisely, you are celebrating life!

    1. Some I knew very well, I told my sister that maybe we would not handle things except we have already lost people before, I don't think it gets easier, but I may be more understanding that it is part of life. Enjoy Debra, I know you do, you always make me laugh with all your stories. hugs.

  2. hugs...for your friend....cancer is terrible and has touched several people in my family....

    i am glad as well that you found contentment in your age as well...the older i get the more i find it myself...

    1. So sorry Brian, Cancer is just horrible, I am glad I can at least spend time with her. Happy days ahead.

  3. I have lost friends and family members to cancer too.
    Sorry for your loss of all those people, nine is a lot in a few months.
    Hope your friend that is battling cancer now "makes it"
    She 's lucky you are there for her.

    Glad you are enjoying life.
    It's all about "our attitude"
    Stay happy :-)


    1. Have to stay positive, I figure if my friend can smile at a time like this, so can I for her....everytime I see her she looks a bit worse. her feet are so swollen right now, on Friday I am going to go over and do her nails for her. so it should be some good girl times. be well Margie. take care.

  4. I am 56 Cinner, and it gets worse I think. I am so glad you are talking about it though, because I think we need to. No one discusses death. Especially I think because it reminds us that we each will one day--sooner or later--die as well. I like your collage too. It is always great to hear about you Cinner here or on FB. I am wishing you a wonderful 50th year, including treasuring those who are dear to you, as we each have an end-point to our life, and it is so important to make it count. Blessings and love, Olivia

    1. Thanks Olivia, thank you for your words of wisdom, talking about it is a good thing for me, otherwise I feel like I am keeping it all bottled in. Thank you for your lovely birthday wish, I plan on making it all count. I am glad to know you. much love your way, Cindy

  5. My wishes may be late, but no less sincere for that. Happy, happy birthday!!

    1. Hi Relyn, thank you so much for the birthday wishes, you are always sincere. have a wonderful week.

  6. My lovely dear, I miss you lots. Thanks for sending positive vibes my is working and I send it right back to you ;)

    one love!!!

    1. One love Selah so nice to hear from you, hugs.

  7. Hi Cinner, I'm pretty much in the same boat having lost way too many loved ones to cancer int he past few months with more up to their eyeballs with chemo and the likes. It's an awful disease.
    Hang in there my friend and keep up the great attitude.
    xo jj

    1. Hi Joanna nice to have you is such an awful disease, sorry for your loss too hon, your always in my thoughs.

  8. You have already done that with the stories and thoughts you have shared with us here. And, I love you for doing so and reminding me every time I come, that I need to love my life just as it is in this moment.

    1. We have to make every moment count, you do that Holly. you love and you live. hugs.

  9. I love these leaves falling down the "page". I also love your open-hearted honesty.


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