Thursday, October 3, 2013

No Snow Removal But A Shoe Removal!

Hi Everyone,
I love playing around with fotofunia.
You might want to try it.
You can make some really cool pictures.
So all of this week has been cold, raining
and feels like, no I am not saying it yet,
the white flurries may show up.
To me it seems early.
So Benny the Beagle
loves to be outside and it is a job to get him in the house,
today I see him out in my pots
digging in the dirt, 
He was in the house a few times,
and it is like a wrestling match to get him cleaned up.
I swear I still have mud on the walls in the back porch.
So tonight after supper Wain is going to go play with Benny
and then bring him in the house.
I was tired so I just laid on the bed on the comforter.
I can hear barking going on outside.
The next thing Wain is in the doorway of the bedroom,
He says, "That dog is a piece of work,"
I say, "What's wrong?"
He says, "Well he stole my shoe, and then he took
the cloth I was trying to clean him with, and it is too dark
to find my shoe!"
He was so annoyed and I started to laugh
as I am visualizing this in my head.
One thing about laughter, others will usually join you.
So Wain started laughing too.
And all was good in our world again,
Note for tomorrow, look for his shoe,
and be ready every time Benny comes in!
Note for tonight, Pray for some sun!
Do you have any crazy dog stories to tell.
I would love to hear them.
Have a great day!


  1. ha. i hope the shoe does not get buried...and yes laughter def helps...we had a dog for 2 weeks....he ate the kitchen table...oh my

  2. Brian this one is a chewer of everything. we are taking him to these classes for training. I sure hope it helps because lord a mercy he is starting to test our patience. your table sounds like you got a story there.

  3. I predict that after this cold 'n miserable rainy spell, we will have a couple of weeks of beautiful Indian Summer! Be it so!

    1. I sure hope so Debra, I am just happy it quit raining today. yeah. I hope your right.

  4. HI LOVE, great story. Did he ever find his shoe? :-)
    Years ago we had a cute and feisty 'german pointer' named Sherri, so one day my daughter says, "Mom, there are clothes all over the year", well, cute lil Sherri took the clothes off the clothes line and dragged them all around the neighborhood. !!
    Love to you

  5. Replies
    1. That's cute Gail, we are looking for the shoe today. It was too dark last night and II looked but could not find it. I think he burried it, good thing they were his old shoes. Have a great rest of the week, love ya. peace.

  6. Oh, no ! Not the "s" word ! Hopefully th etemps come back up for you a bit and that stuff can be avoided for now.
    Yup, pups are sure a lot of work. But they make it worth it with those great snuggling skills!
    Happy Weekend !

    1. Kim your right those snuggling skills are worth every moment of craziness he puts us through. I love him to pieces, so glad I got him, I just found it too hard after our other dog. I had said I was never getting another one, because it was so sad.....but here we are. lol. Have a great weekend. the weather did warm up. hugs.


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