Sunday, September 29, 2013

It Was A Busy Summer!

Hi Everyone,
I have come back yet once again.
Lately I have really been feeling the urge to
sit back and write again.
So what has been going on,
I just turned 50 years old.
I feel like it is an exciting time in my life,
I need no approval from anyone,
that is a great feeling, because I had really felt that
most of my life.
So what does this mean...maybe I have grown up.
I have gone through a real spiritual growth period for me,
I guess losing people that you care for
will do that.
It makes one realize that all of the little things
that one tends to fret or worry about,
is not necessary nor is it healthy.
One needs to live their live and enjoy it
the best they can by surrounding 
yourself with people you love, and those that love you back.
If someone sucks the life out of you,
probably not someone you need in your life.
So during this growing period
I went and stayed at my sisters
and spent a lot of time in the yard
which is beautiful I must say.
My sister and I made our way down 
by the flooding where we used to walk the dogs,
It was truly amazing to see how the river had changed.
The huge trees that were ripped from the ground, and the piles of rocks
that had changed how things looked before.
You could still see how far the water had made it up on the banks.
Absolutely Amazing!
I had a lot of fun with my little Mom,
She can be so much fun.
We can laugh and laugh until we cry.
Mom, my  sister a friend  and I all went to see a 
Tribute to Johnny Cash..
Not sure why this picture loaded sideways.
He was awesome, I was surprised at how many songs
I knew. I love watching my Mom. She just loves
music and sings and sings and has so much fun.
I have fun just watching her.
The rest of the summer was spent at home,
getting a puppy
His name is Benney and he is A beautiful dog,
that tears up anything plastic, 
and has more energy than any other dog I have ever had.
He is enrolled in Feisty Fido classes.
At night we can bring him in the house,
He will go to sleep say ten o'clock and will
sleep until noon the next day...
But once his feet hit the ground
he is all energy,
so you see I have had a busy summer.
I have missed all of you and visiting your blogs.
I have been on facebook a bit and have
enjoyed that.
It feels good to be back in Blogland
and I hope to touch base in the near future.
Have Your Very Best Day!


  1. Ooooooo, the Big Five Oh! Happy Birthday! Was Benney a birthday present? Have fun keeping up with him, LOL!

    1. Hi Debra, no we got him about a month earlier, just so quiet since our other dog passed away last November. how have you been.

  2. awww benny is so cute...and happy belated birthday as well...i am glad you had a good trip...and that summer was busy with good to see you...smiles.

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for the birthday wishes, going to catch up on all your writing, have missed all you guys.

  3. So wonderful to see you again. You sound happy, Cindy.
    Benny is absolutely precious.
    Love and warm hugs to you.
    Welcome back!

    1. Hi Jackie, thank you, it is great to be back, how have you been, hope you are well.

  4. Hello love - oh how I love your words of hope and simplicity, life and nature, family and faith, and LOVE, lots of love, and that Benny is precious.
    I wish we lived closer.
    Love Gail
    peace, "hey"

    1. Gail, so do I about a few blocks away and we could just visit one another. thank you for your kind comment, you always make me smile. hope this finds you having a great day. love you. c

  5. Welcome back, Cindy ! Happy belated birthday ! It gives me hope that 50 will be a great age for me too, when I get there in two years.
    Happy weekend to you and Benney !

  6. Welcome back Cindy to the Blog world.
    You were missed.

    I love your dog.
    And happy belated birthday "young lady"


  7. Oh, I have a question.
    Do you know I can change my blog to how yours is in replies.
    It's so much easier when you can reply that way.
    I looked under settings to no avail!


  8. That's ok, I figured it out ..
    Yay for me LOL

    Have a great day

    1. glad you figured it out. yeah. have a wonderful week ahead.

  9. Welcome back! So nice to hear from you.
    Sounds like you had a busy and interesting summer. Happy belated 50th! Was your sweet Benney a present?
    Take good care. xo jj

    1. No he was not a present, but I wore my hubby down to get another dog. he is a year old next month. I think I kind of forgot how much energy a puppy is, but it is the best thing for me. hope your summer was a great one too.

  10. What a beautiful and uplifting post, Cindy! Good seeing you and feeling your joy!
    Bless you dear one

    1. Thank you SueAnn, so glad you popped by, I have to come and see all your artwork and catch up. hope you are well. hugs.

  11. First, glad you're back to blogging for awhile, and then I need to say, how adorable Benny is!!! I love you.

    1. Hi Holly, I am sure hoping all is well, I was worried tonight when you had said it had been such a long day. sending prayers. Love you too.

  12. So fun to see you back Cindy! I had to click on your profile because I'm so used to seeing your name as Cinner- what a pleasant surprise to see it was you. Well Benne looks adorable! Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Hi Vicky, yes I decided to use my real name although people call me Cinner all the time. I love Benney to pieces, he keeps me moving on the days I just want to stay in bed, as you say my friend. all will be well.

  13. Happy Bleated Birthday! Being on 50 is very big for me. Benney looks great

    1. Thankyou for the birthday wishes. thanks for visiting.

  14. Hey's great to connect with you again. Love this post...the positive slant you have on things. And love love love little Benny. Even love his name. Hugs Cindy...welcome back into my world.

    1. Hi Nikki, so glad to be back in your world. and a big Thank you.

  15. I felt the same way when I turned 50. I think that women come into their power as they age.

  16. I think your right Ellen, it somehow seems a peaceful place to be.

  17. Happy Belated Birthday, Cinner. Looks like you had a wonderful summer. Glad to see you are back blogging.


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