Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time Flies

Hi Everybody,
so sorry I have not posted for so long,
Life has gotten busy.
What with the regular gardening,
house cleaning, cooking, etc.
man time just flies,
no faster for me than others.
So what else have I been doing?
I have gotten involved in a couple of
Narcolepsy/Cataplexy sites
and I am really enjoying that.
Letter writing has begun and giving
some insight as to what this illness is all about
seems to help others too,
not too mention how much it helps me.
Also I live 3 hours from the city of Calgary
where they have had so much flooding.
It seems like a shock to see the videos
and flooding so close to home.
All my family there has made out okay
as they lived in a different area.
The cleanup that needs to be done
is out of this world.
Such areas as High Level
have had it really bad,
some people are still refusing to leave.
I don't have one thing to complain about that even 
seems important, so I am focusing on the positive.
A new day, fresh breeze through my window,
robins singing, sipping coffee, getting ready for
doctors appointment, and if the weather stays
good today want to repaint some metal chairs.
I have missed you all and will come by your blogs
to catch up.
I have been enjoying contact on Facebook with some of you,
but I miss reading your posts everyday.
The photo above is from photofunia.
I love that site,
you can do some really cool pictures.
Well must run, I am sure the doctor does
not want to see me in my pj's
with Albert Einstein hair.
Have a great day and so sorry I seem all over the place
Until next time,
Have your best day ever.


  1. hey you...smiles.
    pretty cool you have been able to connect to others with cataplexy...ugh it is hard to see those images of flooding as well...lived through a few

  2. Love your blog, Cindy. You write the way I like to read....just like we were talking, that that is perfect.
    Prayers and thoughts to those in the area who are flooding or who have been flooded. I cannot imagine the horror and the pain they are going through.
    Thankful that you are well, that you are having a good summer, and so glad to see your blogpost.
    Sending you hugs and love,

  3. PJs and Albert Einstein hair is the BEST way to live! I try to live that way on many weekends.

  4. I love you....just to remind you.

  5. Hi ...I just found your blog by accident and love it! Your blog is a lot like write like you're sitting across the kitchen table from someone just chit chatting...and it gives such a friendly feel. You remind me of and I are on a mission to save the world or at the very least..make it a better place in our own little way...We need to be close friends :-) I'll be back :-) Katy


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