Sunday, August 17, 2014

Loving Life!

Life Really Has Been Wonderful Lately!
It has been an extremely busy summer.
My nieces husband has finally moved from 
Mexico. It has been such a process to have all his
paperwork approved.
His brother and brothers wife have
both won scholorships to continue
their Majors in Physics.
They really are three of the nicest people I have ever met.
I must say that their English is way better than my
That will be a job for me this winter.
I spent two weeks recently with some family
So good to see everyone.
I felt so much love around me.
I still had to stick to my schedule due to my
Cataplexy. Overall I did not too bad,
even managed my way down a flight of stairs,
shocked the family when I showed up.
They were all playing some card game
and were hooting and hollering.
I just had to go and see what the youngsters
were up to.
All of them were like
Aunt Cindy we can help you up the stairs when I was
ready to go up.
I told them all to sit there behinds down
and if I needed them I would call them.
It was nice to get back home after twelve
days away.
I even have managed to lose twenty three pounds
just by eating more fruit and veggies, and drinking water.
I have a friend that phones me once a week and
we chat about how I did and how she did.
She has gone from a size 26 to a 14 in less than 4 months.
We are both feeling like it is so easy.
The only word we mention is 
Other highlights have been hummingbirds, yellow finches,
and squirrels in my yard.
all a first and they keep me quite entertained.
Repairs continue to be done to the house,
and I am grateful that Wain and I
don't need any repairs.
Life is so precious and such a gift.
I plan  to have my Very Best Life Ever!
Looking forward to being on here more,
I also am in the process of writing a book.
No details yet.
Until next time,


  1. I am glad you're having a great summer, Cinner! Good for you on your weight loss too! Our health is so precious and I'm glad that Wain and you are doing well, despite the house repairs--I know what you mean. And you're writing! Great to hear from you, xoO

  2. Happiness abounds in this post.
    Wonderful news about your niece's husband...about your going up and down the stairs without help...and about the friend who calls you with encouraging words (those are SO important when one is trying to attain a goal.)
    Hugs a bunch to you, Cindy.
    Love the lovely photo you posted on your blog, and I love the background and graphics, too.
    Just beautiful!

  3. You have spent so much of your time serving others. I love that about you. Happy summer.

  4. Awesome, Conner on releasing weight. 26 pounds is amazing. I am working on the same thing. Glad you are enjoying your summer.

  5. are full of good news...and i wish them luck on the masters...just about to finish the end of this school is def a precious it...


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