Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where oh where is our Contractor?

we did not hire 
a young contractor
whom could sell ice cubes
in a snow storm..
just maybe we would have
a complete shed by now.
it is too hot.
too cold. raining,sunshine.
getting bit by something in his shower,
maybe a spider, not sure, went down the
drain, his cousin had a turantula ?
no shoes to fit, tried on 60 pair
he said,
but for sure he will be here in the morning.
Not sure what time zone he is in
or how many hours in his day,
definately not 24.
Morning comes, the sun goes down,
Little Mr. Contractor
no where to be found.
when will you learn.
does'nt come to mind.
Maybe a new Contractor
we will have to find!


  1. oh no...sorry...ugh...
    i take it he is not answering his phone?
    yeah you might have to find a new one.


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