Monday, March 30, 2009

Beautiful Scenery and a crazy dog

Imagine me taking a photo without any powerlines, well I found one so had to show you. This is taken in Canmore, just outside of Banff. It just does not matter what time of year we visit, we always have a great holiday. Today I am visualizing being there as I have had a morning from....beep.beep,beep. My sister in law picked the dogs and I up to go to the dog park. When she called I said that I really was not feeling well,,,but thought maybe some fresh air would help. So away we went. So today was the first off leash walk with our new dog Sparky. Now I need to tell you it will also be his last off leash walk. I have decided Holly is right. Terriers are Terrorists. Sparky ran and ran and would not come to me for nothing. Full speed past me for about an Hour and a Half. My sister in law finally got him in her car by pulling up beside him. By this time I was so beside myself and worn right out as my outings usually only consist about 2 blocks because of my illness. So I had to sit on a park bench, and ever so slowly had to make my way back to the car. I was very grateful I had my cane with me for support. As I am typing this, you can assume that yes I am at home, both dogs are sound asleep at my feet. My sister in law had a good laugh, bless her heart. What I am dissapointed about is that I have been training the dog since he came from the SPCA to come when he is called....Not once today, but every other day was fine! so there is obviously more work needed to be done. It will have to be after I rest. obviously I am no dog whisperer, but I am determined and more stubborn than Sparky, I will suceed much to the dissapointment of the dog, of that I am sure.
P.S I am glad he was not hurt, I am glad he is home.....Yeah I am a real toughy! LOL.


  1. Sigh. I have had a similiar scene to this one more times than I care to admit. And, a Jack Russell coming once he's FREE? Not happening. But, the good news is, they're home, you're home, and you can take a break and realize that no matter how far one comes with a dog, there's still more walk to be taken!

  2. Thanks Holly, I am rested now and Sparky is sleeping like a baby. Yes there will be more walks. My husband and I had a good laugh about it tonight. He did tell me we both looked tired
    though. I still can't believe how fast he went. my other dog has never ran like that. I guess there will be more fun and games. LOL.


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